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Boldly Go Where Job Boards Do Not Lead

Boldly Go Where Job Boards Do Not Lead

One way to search for a job is in the box of job board listings. However, there is a much more creative and motivating way to find a job that could be a great fit for YOU. Find it here, and start your gears to turning!


Most people who are in job search mode look primarily on job boards for leads or openings.

Sadly, for them, only about ten percent of available jobs are posted there.

This means they are missing out on ninety percent of available opportunities.

If you are on a mission to find your dream job, job boards make the prospects even more restrictive.

There are many creative ways to find a job that don’t have anything to do with job boards. I’ll give you just a couple here:

#1 Reach out to a company you admire.

If there is a company you would like to work for, don’t hesitate to reach out to their hiring manager.

Even if they don’t have any jobs listed, you never know what could develop when the see that you are enthusiastic about working for their company.

Something may be available that you don’t know about. They may even create a position for you. Or, it could be that they remember the pleasant encounter with you, and contact you when a position becomes available.

Think about products and services you use and appreciate.

What companies have you heard about that you would like to work for?

Be proactive in reaching out to those companies.

Your dream job isn’t likely to just land in your lap!

#2 Informational Interviewing

If you aren’t sure about the next step in your job search, you may want to consider requesting an informational interview.

This is where you take someone out to coffee and interview them about their job.

An informational interview would be appropriate if there is a field or particular position you think may be a good fit for you, but you want to know more about it.

Informational interviewing is another avenue that may not provide a job right away but could land you your dream job sometime in the future.

These are just two ways you can get your foot in the door in a company you actually want to work for.

Both are great ways to make connections with someone who may offer you a job now, later, or refer you to someone else who has something for you.



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