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Juice Up Your Energy

Juice Up Your Energy

Do you often feel like you’re running out of juice? Thinking of energy like a bank account can be helpful for balancing your life and career. Let me offer some suggestions for keeping your energy bank account in the black.


Operating your own business, or being highly motivated toward productivity in your work can make you susceptible to energy depletion. If you are someone who fits into one of these categories, you are well aware of this tendency.

I like to think of energy in similar terms to a bank account. Some activities make deposits to our energy stores. Some activities make withdrawals.

And, just like a financial bank account, the idea is to keep the deposits ahead of the withdrawals.  This requires paying attention to your habits, patterns and practices.

Do you continue working even when you are feeling energetically depleted? Some telltale signs that you are overdrawing your energy bank account include feeling:

  • Cranky
  • Scattered
  • Ungrounded
  • Tired
  • Easily Frustrated

Effective self-management is an essential part of overall productivity. You are actually less productive when you are working with an overdrawn energy bank.

So, when you start to notice feelings like the ones above, it may be time to choose to make a “deposit” rather than continuing to overdraw your energy.

How do you make a deposit? The answer may be different for different people… and at different times. If you are tired, you may need a nap to replenish your energy. If you are feeling scattered, a trip to the gym or a walk may be more appropriate.

You are the one in charge of keeping your energy bank account in the black. This means you not only need to be aware when your energy is dwindling. You also need to have some clear means for juicing back up.

It’s a good idea to make a list of things you can do when an energy boost is called for. You may only need 30 minutes. You may need to take an entire day. It depends on how depleted you are. The idea is to notice as quickly as possible when it’s time to make a deposit… before your account gets overdrawn.



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