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Jump Out of a Plane? Sure, just don’t ask me to make a decision!

Jump Out of a Plane? Sure, just don't ask me to make a decision!

Consider this: to fulfill your potential and enjoy fulfilling work inside of a rich, full life, you must take at least some risks. And while security may appear to be the absence of change, long periods without change and risk are even scarier.

I find the Universe has a funny way of delivering a kick in the butt if it’s time for us to step forward, stretch or make a change. And if we resist that change or taking a risk, a kick in the butt can even show up as a two by four if we’re not paying attention.

Ever hear of someone getting laid off or fired when they had long since outgrown the job and knew they were overdue to move on?

Mental or emotional risks can sometimes feel like we are putting our personal values or beliefs on the line. In this sense, they may ultimately feel more dangerous than physical risks, even something like jumping out of an airplane. The good news is that one seemingly risky choice can change our whole belief system of what’s possible for us. And really, if we look at it another way, risks are simply decisions we are ready to make.

These are the challenges that we are asked to face over and over again if we are to continue to grow and advance in our careers and create a life we love. As magical and synchronistic as life can sometime be, I don’t think you can create a life and career you love, waiting for it to knock on the front door while you sit on the couch. Each time we take a risk that contributes to our professional growth, enhances our self-esteem or enriches our work life, we make the choice to stretch ourselves. There are no guarantees, but what may be perceived as a potential failure could become the greatest gift you ever gave yourself.

What career planning decision is it time for you to make? Are you ready to tell the truth about needing a career transition? Is your dream job still out there somewhere?