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Keep Your Knees Bent

Keep your knees bent

Do you ever have days where you easily move through whatever comes your way and smoothly handle, process and manage it all with grace and style? Wouldn’t it be a gift if all our days and weeks could be like that? Well, here’s a way to surf through the ups and downs of life in your own environment and workplace (plus our bigger community too) with more ease.


Flow with it. Roll with it.

Yes! This is how we all want to operate in our careers and our lives.

When we are in the flow of the moment, it’s almost as if we know what’s going to happen next… and we’re ready for it.

This is not to be confused with trying to control what is going to happen next, which is the opposite of being in the flow state.

So, how can we position ourselves (our mindset) to be in this state?

A great metaphor for this can be taken from surfing and skiing.

Both require us to keep our knees bent.

That’s because we can’t control what is going to happen next, and if our knees are bent, we’re ready to accommodate whatever that happens to be.

It’s the physical equivalent to having an open mind and trusting yourself to handle whatever appears.

A sticky problem that arises when we try too hard to control things is we get attached to how we expect and want things to unfold. And then, when something unexpected happens, we’re thrown off balance, because we were prepared for something different.

It’s like trying to flow effortlessly down a ski slope with straight, rigid knees. (Don’t try that, by the way).

Expectations can short circuit agility.

Being in the flow state, with no expectations, allows us to keep our mind and heart open. It invites our intuition to take the driver’s seat, and that type of knowing acts in the moment, without needing a prior plan.

The beauty of metaphorically keeping our knees bent is that it gives us, and those around us, a sense of calm confidence.

It’s a wonderful self-management tool that can not only increase productivity and opportunities, but also reduce stress. And an added bonus is, it helps build trust with colleagues, clients and others, by giving them confidence in our capabilities.



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