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Kiss My App

Have you become frustrated or disenchanted with the ineffectiveness of ready made time-management and productivity systems? If so, here is some empowering advice on how to finally find a system that works for YOU.


If you have tried a plethora of productivity and time-management apps that have not worked for you, it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.

Those of us with the entrepreneurial bone often find it challenging to fit ourselves into a prescribed program for productivity or time management.

One size fits all does not always truly fit all of us.

When you are a creative visionary or legacy entrepreneur, you are likely marching to the beat of your own drum.

Your goal is effective self-management.

This means discovering or creating systems that work best for YOU and your unique operational style.

There are too many programs and apps out there to count claiming to be the perfect tool for managing your time and productivity.

They may work fine for some people. They may even be the perfect answer for some people.

There is an unfortunate pitfall to testing these systems and finding that they just don’t seem to work for you.

You may start to feel that it is due to some inadequacy on your part.

You may start to judge yourself harshly, beat yourself up, or feel that you just can’t get it right.

If this is something you have struggled with, take heart.

It is not because you aren’t trying hard enough.

It’s a sign you may need to create your own system.

Free yourself from the judgment that comes when you can’t fit yourself into a box.

You were not made to fit into a box.

You are unique.

Your productivity cycles may be what some would consider odd or erratic.

This is perfectly fine.

You can create your own custom self-management system by discovering what works for you.

You may work best during traditional “non-working” hours. You may work best in unexpected settings or circumstances.

Consider this an invitation to design a system that works for YOU… even if it’s “weird!”



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