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Lessen Your Yesses

Lessen Your Yesses

Do you say yes with zeal and fervor, and then later regret and beat yourself up because you can’t follow through on everything you agreed to do? If so, it may be a good time to bring some consciousness to your yessing process. Listen to this chunk of advice on why lessening your yesses will have you looking and feeling fabulous!


If I could distill my work with clients down to one bullet point, it would probably be personal power.

That’s because, when we are standing in our power, we are more:

  •     Confident
  •     Effective
  •     Satisfied
  •     Helpful
  •     Productive
  •     Successful
  •     Fun

…The list could go on.

In order to stand in your power, you have to cultivate healthy habits, patterns and practices. This requires conscientious self-management.

So, I want to cover one way that many of us give away our power.

It’s by saying yes to too many things.

Let’s examine why we do that.

It’s likely that we say yes to things in order to feel good, as well as look good. We feel good, because we have asserted ourselves. We look good because, seemingly, others (co-workers, family members, friends) admire or appreciate us for taking an initiative.

The problem arises when we overestimate our ability to actually do all the things we are saying yes to.

Now, we have a different situation altogether. Instead of feeling good about ourselves, we are disappointed and regretful. We end up forfeiting looking good as well, because we aren’t following through on our agreements.

Saying yes to too many things is a recipe for job burnout… or just burnout in general.

If you are someone who has discovered this tendency in yourself, you are not alone. Remember, your intentions are honorable. But in order to stand in your power, you have to actually do the thing you say you are going to do.

I want to see you standing fully in your personal power!

The simple solution? Say yes to less.

So, instead of fervently jumping on twenty tasks, say no to fifteen. This way, you are able to do the five things you do take on effectively and efficiently.

And the best part is: you get to really look good and feel good!