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Let Wisdom Ring

Let Wisdom Ring

Ever notice how it seems like the same core issues keep coming up in your life? If you think it’s high time you get it all figured out, tune your ear to this ring of wisdom.


Being a legacy entrepreneur is a role that demands certain qualities.

If you are interested in using life as a laboratory for self-improvement, then you could be a legacy entrepreneur.

If you believe in core life lessons and you want to use all aspects of your human experience to aid in the learning of those lessons, then you are likely a legacy entrepreneur.

When you are a legacy entrepreneur, you want to find your life purpose, and live that purpose out in the work that you do.

You want to get paid to do you.

You want to be in a constant state of self-improvement.

You want to grow in skill, knowledge and wisdom as you walk the path of your life and your work.

Core life lessons show up when you are doing work you are truly meant to do.

They show up to help you learn and grow. If you are a legacy entrepreneur, the work you do is perfectly matched with the lessons you are here to learn.

They’re like a harmonic duo.

There are two key points to note about core life lessons:

  •     Most of us really only have one core life lesson.
  •     A core life lesson is rarely fully realized in a lifetime.

Like rings on a tree, new situations occur in our lives, each one a new layer in our journey of self-improvement; each one an opportunity to gain a new level of understanding.

Each level of understanding provides greater wisdom.

As with the tree, greater strength comes each time a new ring is added.

And all the time, the rings are spiraling around the same core matter… literally!

The idea is not to beat yourself up because you think you should have figured it all out by now.

When the goal is to continue adding layers of wisdom and understanding with each new pass of the spiral around the core, we continue to grow as human beings. There is no end.



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