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Lighten Up!

Lighten Up! - Interview Tips Video

Who doesn’t like to have fun? You may not think of job interviews as fun, but it could be the missing element in your job search strategy. Tune in to this short interview tips video and learn why having fun can help get you hired!

Some of my best advice on interview preparation strategy may be a little non-conventional. However, I think it is worth consideration.

Here it is: Have fun!

I spent quite a few years as a hiring manager in my pre-coaching life and I can tell you for sure that any hiring manager will appreciate a touch of levity in their day.

Who doesn’t want to have fun?

Hiring managers enjoy laughter and lightness as much as anyone. And chances are, they aren’t getting enough of it while trying to fill an important position on their team (and most likely, dealing with an extra heavy workload until the position is filled).

So, how can you present yourself as someone who is not only perfect for the position, but also as someone who can bring a little sunshine and joy into the work environment?

Simply by lightening up.

Instead of going into an interview with a stiff, serious attitude based in fear that you won’t do the “right thing”, try getting yourself into a fun, happy mood beforehand.

Of course, do all the other things you need to do, so you can feel confident and ready to ace the interview.

That will actually give you a great foundation.

And from there, you can simply relax.

Literally see if you can make the hiring manager laugh out loud! It will make you feel more receptive, confident, relaxed and better able to be yourself.

AND it will create an atmosphere where AUTHENTIC interaction can more easily occur.

It’s a great way to stand out in a long list of interviewees, and in a monotonous day of doing interviews with people who didn’t have the benefit of this advice.

Laughter and fun… Add them to your list of things to bring to your next job interview. You’ll be glad you did.



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