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Listen, Not Think

Listen, Not Think

It’s no secret that setting goals is an important part of any successful endeavor. But HOW you go about setting certain goals is key.  Listen here as I clue you in to a method that will insure your ongoing success.


There is a big difference between having a hobby, and building a business.

If you have a desire to be a legacy entrepreneur doing something you love, there are a few steps that can guarantee your success.

Goal setting is one of the most important parts of building a successful business.

And one of the primary goals any legacy entrepreneur should have as a regular part of a growing business is your income goal.

I absolutely recommend having an income goal that you are striving to meet at all times. One very important aspect of setting this goal for your business (every 30 days, ideally) is HOW you determine what it will be.

Something NOT to do is calculate.

This means, when you set out to determine your income goal for the next 30 days, you aren’t coming to a number through calculations about the business you may or may not have during that time.

Don’t think about what you have on your schedule, client expectations, or an event or circumstance that could affect your income one way or another.

The key to this process is not to THINK about it.

Ideally, you will obtain the number for your monthly income goal by LISTENING to your higher self, rather than calculating, thinking, or what I call brain banging.

Steps to creating an income goal:

  1. Take a couple of deep breaths and center yourself.
  2. Stand fully in your power and value. (This means don’t try this if you are feeling particularly discouraged or energetically depleted.)
  3. LISTEN for what is possible for you this month.

If the number that comes to mind makes you a little nervous or scared, it’s okay.

It’s actually ideal, because this is what will pull you forward.

This is a skill you must master if you are going to be a successful legacy entrepreneur!