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Living Your Values And Doing Work You Love

Living Your Values And Doing Work You Love

Living your values is so important if you want to be fulfilled in your life and career. If you think living your values is not possible in your career, take a moment to listen in here and change that mindset.

In today’s world, the concept of living your values doesn’t often fit with your career path.

Many people are caught in jobs they hate, but they feel like they have to grin and bear it in order to pay the bills.

One of my biggest missions as a life and career coach is helping people break out of this mindset and the unsatisfying life that often accompanies it.

I know from my own experience that you do not have to trade living your values or doing work you love for the ability to pay your bills.

When I chose to leave a prestigious career to find work that feeds my soul, I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.

I jokingly told my friends and co-workers I would even stand on the corner with a sandwich board if I had to.

That’s how adamant I was about not trading living my values for my career.

I made it to the other side, so I know it is indeed true!

I can do what I love, be who I am, and still earn a good living.

I don’t have to work in a place that doesn’t fit for me.

I don’t have to put on a mask and fake it in order to earn a living.

And neither do you!

The key to getting on the path of living your values and doing work you love is to make the decision that you are no longer willing to compromise.

Before you make the decision and commit to it, nothing can happen.

And by commit, I mean you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to create or find the work that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.

Even if you have to stand on the corner with a sandwich board!



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