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Make a Career Transition Without Neglecting Your Basic Needs

Make a Career Transition Without Neglecting Your Basic Needs

Are you ready for a career transition? If the answer is yes, then a big part of your strategic career planning will have to include how you are going to meet your basic needs through the transition process. I hope you will find the information in this audio clip encouraging and helpful for executing your success plan.

If you are in a career transition, or feeling like it’s time to seek a different career path, there are some important things to consider before leaping into your new career.

One of those is your basic needs.

Every single one of us has to consider how we’re going to put food on the table and a roof over our heads as a foundational part of our career success plan.

This fact can sometimes hold people back from making a job transition if they think it is going to negatively affect their ability to financially support themselves and their families.

I sometimes coach clients to take what I call a “low-hanging-fruit job” if they find themselves in a critical situation.

I have personally built two businesses in my career while working at jobs that were not my ideal.

A key point to acknowledge is that every job, no matter how insignificant or silly it may seem, has valuable tools for your tool box. From the job you had in college scooping ice cream or folding jeans at The Gap to the random job you took out of urgency.

Even if you have to take a job that isn’t ideal (and even if it’s not in a field you are interested in), it can serve a useful purpose.

It can still provide valuable (and sometimes unexpected) experiences and connections.

And, most importantly, it can help ease financial concerns while you build the job or career you desire on the side.

So, if you find yourself having to take a job that you aren’t that excited about, it may be a good time to start working on your career transformation on the side.

Just think of the job you have to do in order to pay the bills as a means to an end, or a step in the process of getting you to your final destination.

We have to get our basic needs met, but we don’t have to ignore what is right for us in order to do that.

No matter what your situation, you never have to choose between doing what you love and paying the bills. There are ALWAYS creative solutions that allow you to pursue your dreams.



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