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Make a Clean Sweep

Make a Clean Sweep

If you’re feeling scattered, take a look around. Do you have an orderly space to dwell and work? Here’s a beautiful reminder of the importance of taking the time to de-clutter your life.


Cleaning up your physical environment helps to clear mental clutter as well.

One sure way to short circuit productivity is to have clutter in your physical surroundings.

It’s amazing how your outer environment can be so reflected in your inner environment… your mental state.

This is a simple rule of self-management: Keep your outer environment and surroundings in order if you want to maintain a healthy, balanced mental state.

One instance where it is easy to see this principle in action is when you come home from vacation.

You have some dirty clothes in your suitcase.

You have some clean clothes in your suitcase.

You may have gifts or souvenirs that need to be put away.

In short, things are not in their proper places.

As a result, you may feel scattered or unsettled until you can get everything reorganized.

When I go on vacation, I always schedule one full day after I return to take care of all the loose ends.

Your physical environment may suffer when you are sick as well.

Most of us don’t do a lot of cleaning or organizing when we’re feeling under the weather.

As a result, dishes may go unwashed.

Clothes may not be put away.

The garbage may not be taken out.

As soon as you start to feel better, you are compelled to catch up on everything you have fallen behind on.

And, of course, you have a moment of aaaaahhhhhhh.

Things are back to normal, and you can take deep breath and enjoy the rediscovered order.

When things are in their proper places, you not only have a more relaxed, calm mindset, which positively influences your productivity.

You also spend less time looking for things, which increases productivity as well.

Next time you’re feeling out of sorts or scattered, take a moment to clean and organize your physical space.

It will make a world of difference!



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