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May I Make a Request

May I Make a Request

Do you find it difficult to ask for help when you need it? Making requests with grace and style is a skill anyone can benefit from learning. In this short audio clip, I’ll offer some expert insight on how to start practicing.

Something I know from experience being a woman and from my experience coaching women is that many women can make strides in personal growth if they develop an ability to …

Ask for what they need with grace and style.

The reason I say this is because, as women, we sometimes think that having to ask for help means there is something wrong with us.

We feel like we’re just supposed to grin and bear it, and if we need help, well it must mean that we didn’t do something right.

As a general rule, learning how to make a clear, concise request without a lot of justification is a worthwhile skill for women to learn.

At the core of the matter, not being able to do that is about value and power, because we think asking for help diminishes both.

The value judgment comes from within.

That’s also where the change needs to be made.

When you value yourself (that is, your resources, your time, your energy, etc.) you feel comfortable being assertive in requesting assistance when you need it.

It’s also a case of real power vs. apparent power.

We think we are displaying strength (which is an aspect of power) when we white knuckle it through even though we could really use some help.

The real power, however, comes from the ability to acknowledge that you need help, and to request it gracefully.

If you resonate with any of this, make a commitment to yourself to recognize when you need help and to start asking for it. You may find yourself in circumstances where you can practice this with partners, co-workers, children, vendors, or friends.

The best way to make a request is to attach very little explanation or justification to it. It’s okay to need help simply because you are human.



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