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As a highly sought-after Certified Career & Money Breakthrough Coach and “Job-You-Love” expert, Barb created the Job I Love Revolution where she’s a rabble-rouser for freedom, taking a stand for you to get paid to do you. She is a multi-certificate graduate and former faculty member of the Life Purpose Institute, a coach training school accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications.

Barb is a voracious learner and has studied many growth and healing modalities from NLP to personally training with Julia Ross, renowned author of The Mood Cure, in nutrition and amino acid therapy.

Barb has successes in every type of career model from starting two of her own businesses, climbing the ladder at a worldwide corporation, managing a team at a national public company to consulting with fast-growing start-ups and family-owned businesses. She is an excellent planner, brainstorming partner and creative problem-solver with two decades of experience as a corporate manager, mentor, business owner and marketer.

Barb Garrison, Career Coach and Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach in Denver Colorado
Barb Garrison, CC

So what does Barb know about your daily frustrations and struggles, like career burnout, hating your job, changing careers or finding a new career? Plenty!

Colorado based certified
Money Breakthrough and Career Coach

I know what it’s like to walk into my office listening to the cadence of my sensible pumps while my inner voice repeats “I hate this. I hate this.” At the tail end of my very successful 18-year career in marketing, I was exhausted down to my bones.

I thought I was doing all the right things – drinking plenty of water, eating my vegetables and exercising if I could get myself out of the office. But true satisfaction and wellness were out of my reach, no matter how hard I tried. My body was literally screaming at me with migraine headaches, stomach issues and challenges sleeping, not to mention my regular relationship with antibiotics.

I am now the career coach I wish I’d had

Passion and purpose were completely missing from my life. Plus, without time freedom, creative freedom, and freedom to be who I am, my soul was leaking out of me. I needed to figure out what would motivate me to leap out of bed every day. And once I did, doors seemed to start opening magically.

It was a natural progression from there into coaching. I had already been mentoring, training and counseling my staff, associates and fellow business owners. But an even bigger clue was the fact that people had been coming to me for insight, support and problem-solving since I was a teenager.

And now I can say, I’ve never had a job for this long in my life and certainly not one I still love this much 11+ years later. Designing creative career solutions based on my clients’ truth, speaking at organizations and women’s leadership conferences, working one-on-one in private retreats with clients who fly to Boulder to work with me, being a contributing author, radio show guest and teaching workshops at the Leeds School of Business and the University of Colorado Boulder Career Center are nothing but pure gifts.

I’ve created a life I love, and am passionately committed to helping my clients do the same. With my thriving career coaching business, I found my purpose. I am tapping into my passions and what comes naturally to me every day. Relocating from a fast-paced, demanding life in Los Angeles, I proudly fulfilled a vision that reflects who I am today. Very happily, I live with my husband, flower and herb garden we call our “kids,” and surprisingly dirty purple hiking boots at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in picturesque Boulder, CO.

Barb Garrison Professional
Certifications and Affiliations

Barb Garrison, Leeds School of Business Women's Coucil
Barb Garrison, University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business
Barb Garrison, member of Internaltional Association of Women in Business Coaching
Barb Garrison, Life Purpose Institute Certified Coach
Barb Garrison, Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach

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Barb Garrison

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