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Networking Tools and Authentic Connections

Networking Tools and Authentic Connections

The most successful entrepreneurs use their networking tools to make authentic connections. In this clip, I’ll offer some advice on just how to go about doing that.

Networking tools like LinkedIn are useless if they don’t allow you to make authentic connections with people.

That’s why I recommend that you have a one-to-one conversation with everyone you connect with on LinkedIn.

If you get an invitation from someone to connect, rather than just accepting, also write them a private note acknowledging their invitation.

If you don’t remember meeting them previously, ask them to remind you where you have met before (with apologies that you don’t recall).

If indeed it is the first time you are connecting with them, invite them to tell you more about themself.

Utilizing LinkedIn in this way is a great networking tool that allows you to build tight knit relationships over time.

If you notice they have started a new job, gotten a promotion, or had a work anniversary, send them a message of congratulations.

If you see they have relocated or had a name change, ask them about it.

After you have established a relationship and determined someone is interested in what you do, invite them to an initial consultation.

I literally use the word invite, and I treat it the same as if I were inviting them to a Superbowl party or a weekend barbeque.

If you happen to be at an actual party, and you don’t want to get too deep into work stuff, the invitation could involve exchanging business cards with them and making a date for a consultation.

A sentence I find to be really effective is, “I can help you with that.” You don’t have to go into how you can help; just let them know you can help if they are interested.

When you do this from a genuine human place, and demonstrate that you really do care about them, people can feel the authenticity.

That’s what the best networking tools do.

They allow you the opportunity to create genuine human connections that feel good to both parties.



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