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Observing Ourselves

Driven by curiosity, gently observing yourself can be one of your greatest learning tools

To my Dear Ones of Privilege,

Our country and people are in pain and my heart is heavy, yet nothing compares to the hurt, inequality, mistreatment and brutality the Black community has been experiencing for far, far too long.

And the worst part is that this isn’t new. But white people, myself included, have not been listening or looking deeply enough.

Based on what we are witnessing and the new, more open dialogue I’ve observed and participated in about anti-racism, I’m finding glimpses of hope, despite the long road to dismantling unfair systems and the deep healing that’s needed.

The first step is looking closest to home, in our own hearts and minds, for unconscious biases and racism, no matter how subtle. We can’t transform it until we observe it.

And yes, we have to truly stand in someone else’s shoes with deep compassion to do this work that may not be easy. Using our own non-judgemental observer self gives us an opportunity to see what we didn’t notice before.

We ALL have an opportunity to learn and listen more, use our voices and take intentional action. I wish you clarity of heart and mind to find ways to be part of the solution.



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In this time of uncertainty and emotional turmoil, I believe there is hope and opportunity for positive change. If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, you are not alone. I am here to lend an ear, an open heart, and supportive guidance.