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One True You

One True You - Using Your Personal Power to Model Self Worth for Kids

There are many ways that children learn personal power and what their environment demands of them. In a society that encourages conformity, it is sometimes a challenge to discover their self worth and develop the qualities that set us apart from others. Here is an inspiring reminder of the value of being (and teaching others to be) unique individuals.



Your right to personal power

You do not have to please anyone with what’s right for you.

One of the greatest life lessons you can learn is how to act from a place of personal power, even though well-intentioned voices around you may pull you in different directions.

The positive influences of living from your personal power

Acknowledging your own self-worth, and acting from a place of honoring who you truly are can go a long way towards imparting some powerful life lessons to those who see you as a parent, role model, or even a mentor.

When children observe their parents, or others who have an influence in their lives, doing what is right for them as individuals, they learn to value their self worth, which helps them develop their own personal power.

Why we sometimes don’t act from our personal power

School systems, media outlets, in-laws, and a myriad of other influences can put pressure on us to be a certain way and do things that may not be the best for us.

Children often pick up the idea at a very young age that we have to worry about what everybody else thinks first because we adults are doing just that. Whether we pick that up because we are managing chaos, trying to stay safe and feel loved and get approval, or if it’s just what we see the whole world around us doing, it’s totally understandable and completely natural.

We all have placed an unhealthy level of importance on the opinions of others than we should at some point in our lives.

It’s best to keep in mind, when aiming to live from a place of self-worth and personal power, that well-intentioned people are often just telling you what they would do, and reflecting to you their level of self-doubt and fear.

The importance of living from your personal power

When you honor your unique gifts and talents, and pursue your passions, you make the world a better place by simply bringing the light that comes from living your truth, and you become an example for others on how to live from a place of self-worth and personal power.



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