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One, Two, Three. Hurray for Me!

One, Two, Three. Hurray for Me!

If you are someone who gets bogged down in regrets about the past, take heed of this intelligent reminder and grab your pom poms!


If you are in a process of self-growth or career growth, effective self-management skills are a must.

This means managing your thought process as much as anything.

It goes without saying that, when you are creating the career of your dreams, you want to get there as quickly as possible. No one wants to spend any more time than necessary in an unsatisfactory situation.

Yes, it is important to move as efficiently as possible toward your goal.

What is not conducive to growth is regret.

As I have been known to say to many of my clients, “Regret slows momentum.”

We can get bogged down in regret for any number of things. This is likely to turn into a self-battery session. Some thoughts that fall into such a category may be:

  • Why didn’t I start this process sooner?
  • I wish I had known this is what I wanted to do before I started college.
  • If only I had saved more money.
  • I wonder what would have happened if I had taken that other job.
  • I should have…

Putting energy into regret about the past will only continue to hinder your current progress.

The healthy alternative to regret is self-encouragement.

Celebrate where you are now.

Honor yourself for having the courage to move in the direction you want to go.

Appreciate the insight and motivation you possess NOW.

Successful people focus on their successes, not their so-called failures or regrets.

Successful people are their own biggest fans. They train themselves to look at the bright side. They have developed the self-management skill of turning their thoughts from regret to celebration, from self-battery to self-appreciation.

You too can learn the skill of managing your thoughts. When you find yourself indulging in regrets and should-haves, consciously turn your attention to something positive you have done.

Give yourself a pat on the back for the steps you are taking now. Honor your unfolding process. Celebrate your successes.

This way of thinking will not only propel you in the direction you want to go at a faster pace. It will also bring more joy and confidence as you move along the path.



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