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Optimizing Your Strengths and Talents

Optimizing Your Strengths and Talents

Are you optimizing your strengths and talents? Chances are, you have overlooked these two simple ways to increase your productivity and your life satisfaction.

Optimizing your strengths and talents is about more than just working hard all the time.

It’s also about taking care of yourself.

There are a couple of simple ways you can use self care as a way of facilitating a productive work week.

In today’s culture, most of us who have exercise or workout routines do it because we want to look good. We want to have nice legs, arms, or tummies.

However, I believe the most beneficial aspect of having a regular workout routine is the effect it has on our state of mind.

It’s easy to forgo exercise when you have a heavy workload or you’re trying to get a project done quickly.

But I don’t recommend making a habit of skipping your workout routine.

In fact, exercise should be deemed as important as other actions you take regularly to advance your career or build your business.

Not only does exercise energize you and elevate your mood.

It also increases your productivity.

We all know that’s good for business, no matter what your line of work is.

Start to think of your exercise routine as an integral part of your work week because of the mental and emotional benefits, and consider the body benefits bonuses.

Sleep is another  facet of self care that often gets overlooked.

Sometimes we need to stop working before we planned in order to take a nap or get to bed earlier than usual.

It’s like choosing to recharge your engine so you can get up with a fresh, energetic start the next day, rather than trying to eke out a tiny bit of work, and set yourself up for a day of exhaustion tomorrow and career burnout.

So remember, self care may take time out of your day, but it will give it back in the form of productivity and life enjoyment.

Think of it as an easy way to optimize your strengths and talents.



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