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Pay Attention To Your Money

Pay Attention To Your Money

ATTENTION… is how money likes to get paid! If you want money to pay you, then you need to pay your money…. some attention. Here’s a great way to do that.

Want financial freedom? Want to have a money breakthrough?

Well, you’re in luck. I happen to be a money breakthrough coach. I also happen to know for a fact that, when you pay attention to your money, it pays you back… by growing.

Isn’t that exciting!

Just by paying attention to your money, you can have more of it!

Pretty quantum, huh?

Of course, it does require some effort on your part. You have to develop some attention-paying, money-growing habits, patterns and practices.

First you have to gather some tools. Ready? Here’s what you’ll need:

  1.     A pencil
  2.     A piece of paper

That’s it.

Hopefully, that didn’t take too much time or energy. Now, you’re ready to start paying attention.

With these simple tools, you can become a money mutiplier.

Here’s how:

  1.     Write down your income every day.
  2.     Watch your money grow.

And, just to clarify, this means ALL your income. If you find two dollars in the dryer while you’re doing laundry, that gets added. If you get a refund or cash back from a credit card, that goes on the list. If you find a twenty under the seat of your car, guess what? Every tiny bit of money that falls into your hands gets added to your daily income.

Now, some days, you may not have any income. Don’t skip those days. The money needs to know you’re still paying attention. Simply put a zero in for those days.

Ideally, you will actually be looking at your income every single day.

But if you fall behind a couple of days (life happens sometimes), be sure to go back and fill in the days you missed.

You just may find that, rather than being a dreaded task, keeping track of your money can be a fun, exciting endeavor… especially when you see it growing!