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Power, Grace, and Style

Power, Grace, and Style

Are you able to navigate challenging situations in your workplace or personal life with grace and style, while also standing in your own power? Creating trust and harmony with effective communication tools can make you an invaluable player on any team. In this little nugget, I’ll outline three tools to help you facilitate win-win situations instead of getting mired in conflict or building resentment.


Being an effective communicator is a valuable tool to have in any circumstance.

This is especially true as a legacy entrepreneur.

You have to interact with clients, negotiate terms, maintain relationships with service and product providers and more… all while aiming to keep everybody happy.

This can be a daunting endeavor!

That’s why having reliable communication tools must be an integral part of your career strategy if you want to build a great reputation with the people you serve and interact with.

Let’s talk about some awesome ways to develop your communication skills.

Perhaps the first thing to keep in mind is your delivery.

Always communicate with grace and style.

Simply put, just be nice!

Speak respectfully.

Consider the other person’s perspective.

When you are truly interested in what the other person is feeling, thinking, or experiencing, they are more likely to be open to your perspective.

Of course, it’s just as important to state your needs clearly as well.

Being nice doesn’t mean simply giving in to something that doesn’t feel right or comfortable to you.

So, practice clearly expressing your perspectives and desired outcomes.

The goal is to present with a quiet confidence, rather than a ranting monologue.

This is what I call standing in your personal power.

Another important consideration is how to frame the discussion in terms of what’s in it for the other person.

Again, this is not about giving up your needs to please someone else.

It is about framing your communication in a way that addresses the benefits they will receive in your proposed scenario or plan.

And here’s a bonus tip…

Everybody likes to look good and feel good!

That means if you can present your case in a way that has them looking good, i.e., generous, respectable, capable, etc., in front of their peers (and, as a result, feeling good), you have identified something that’s in it for them.

And that increases their receptivity to your perspective or argument.

So, when you are faced with a potential conflict or disagreement, ask yourself the question:

How can I make the other person look good and feel good while standing in my personal power with grace and style?



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