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Name Your Price

Name Your Price

How do you feel about pricing your work? Take a clue from this valuable nugget on the importance of stating your price with confidence!


For creative visionaries, pricing can sometimes be an uncomfortable process.

If you are doing work you love, it’s easy to get the wiggles about charging what you are worth. This happens for a number of reasons.

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable getting paid to do work we love because we don’t feel it is work.

If this is the case, just remember: Not everyone has a natural aptitude for the work you do.

It may not seem like work to you.

But to someone else, it could be grueling and difficult; maybe even impossible!

Because it doesn’t feel like work to you is the very reason you should be compensated well.

We are best at doing things we love to do.

It may be a deeper issue. Maybe you have self-worth issues that affect the way you think about money.

I believe that how you do money is how you do everything. This means that if there are areas of your life that need attention, they will become apparent in how you do money. Because of this, having a money breakthrough has a ripple effect on all other areas of your life.

How you price your work, and how you feel about pricing your work, are strong indicators as to whether you are in need of a money breakthrough.

The first step on the path to money breakthrough and financial freedom is observing the issues you have around money.

Your attitudes and thoughts around pricing your work are great places to start gaining insights:

  •     How do you determine what price to charge?
  •     Where do you put the price?
  •     How big is the price?
  •     How does it make you feel to discuss pricing with a potential client?
  •     Do you feel you deserve what you are asking for?

Financial freedom is a goal we would all love to reach.



If you feel you are in need of a money breakthrough, or you simply want to improve your financial freedom quotient, I have a toolbox full of effective money breakthrough tools! Reach out for a free consultation and let me help you learn how to create true financial and personal freedom in your life. Book a time to chat with me here.