Finding Your Own Internal Groove® Career Coaching Programs

Are you searching for CAREER FREEDOM?

Time freedom, creative freedom, the freedom to be who you are and the freedom to make your own choices – the risk is worth it. I’m jumpin’ up and down on the other side of the street (because yes, I was once exactly where you are now) and I’m inviting you to join me over here. If you’re ready for some real relief, I can help you:

  • Design a career that will make you leap out of bed, even on Monday mornings
  • Recover from career burnout (yes, the kind no amount of sleep helps)
  • Discover the work you’re meant to do
  • Kick-start your passion for the job you’re in, even when you think that’s impossible
  • Navigate a career change the easy way
  • Leverage your hidden strengths (no matter who you are, you have way more than you realize)
  • Get out of your own way because “Someday” is not after December on the calendar
  • Uncover your personal purpose so that your “job” will never again feel like just a place to collect a pay check
  • Land your dream job or
  • Start your own business
In one of these creative, powerful and results-oriented career coaching programs (that I wish I had when I was right where you are) I can help you turn the job you have into the job you want.

Individual Programs


I only work with an exclusive few Private Platinum and Silver clients at a time as there is a very high level of partnership and support throughout the year with multiple in-person intensives, virtual retreats, regular calls and trainings.

If you think you might be ready for this high level commitment to create a major leap in your life and career, please email my team at moc.evoorglanretninull@troppus to request an application and inquire about any open spots or be placed on the waiting list.


There is nothing as powerful as taking a pause, stepping out of the chaos and demands of your daily life, to focus exclusively on designing a career that will make you leap out of bed along with an inspired plan to get you there.

Choose from one, two, or three day private, in-person or virtual intensives, custom designed to get you where you want to go now, because you don’t have time to wait. In a beautiful and conducive retreat location in Boulder, CO (or in a virtual setting or I can even come to you if you prefer not to travel), you’ll get me all to yourself. We’ll focus exclusively on solving your most frustrating career challenges and moving you from cranky and disillusioned to relief and freedom FAST. You will emerge from one of these private, closed-door, comprehensive sessions feeling like a different person, according to my clients who have experienced this VIP model.

There are a limited number of these days available in my schedule, so please email moc.evoorglanretninull@troppus to set-up an interview call to see if a VIP Experience is right for you. You can choose any of the focus tracks below:

I Hate My Job, But I Have No Idea What to Do InsteadTM
I’m Ready to Land My Dream Job
Turning the Job I Have Into the Job I Want
I’m Done Searching and Ready to Make My Own Business A Reality
I Know I Want to be an Entrepreneur, but What Business is Right for Me?
Ready to Uplevel My Business and My Income Past Start-Up
Help Me Kick My Smartphone Out of Bed and Get My Life Back

Or work directly with me to custom design your own!


Designed to be laser-focused plan to take away critical insights needed to shift your mindset about where you’re stuck, so you can move into powerful action in the most accelerated way possible.

This 90 minute session will help you get crystal clear about what is getting in your way of having a career that will make you leap out of bed. And here’s a hint - it’s rarely who or what you think it is.

This customized phone consultation can be used most effectively to get unstuck, make a decision, accelerate your progress, refine a strategy or gain immediate clarity and focus. This is not a magic pill, a get rich quick scheme, or a way to avoid looking at the habits and patterns that have stopped you from having what you want.

For those who are ready to get to the heart of the matter pronto, without the full history of where you’ve come from, you’ll leave confidently armed with the next step that’s right for you and a new commitment to yourself and the work you’re meant to do.

Your investment for this power-packed session includes a Career Strategy Questionnaire that will help you gain focus on where you need support most.

This offer is valid through December 31, 2020. This purchase is non-refundable
and can be redeemed anytime between now and May 1, 2021.

Group Programs


If you are a success-driven, creative visionary who is ready to gracefully propel your passions and life purpose into a legacy business that makes you leap out of bed, even on Monday mornings, you could be ready to be a part of an exclusive 10-month platinum mastermind program designed especially for you.

THE RELIEF & FREEDOM CLUBTM: Transforming the Job You Have Into the Job You Want (and it’s not always what you think)

Join like-minded, success-driven professionals who are burned out and just going through the motions in a 6 week teleseminar program where I'll teach you my 7 Step Strategic Formula for Career CPR so you can breathe again. You'll learn new tools, practices and mindsets for designing a career that makes you leap out of bed plus you'll have the opportunity for weekly spotlight coaching.

To learn more about this program, please email moc.evoorglanretninull@troppus.


3 Day Live Workshop in a spectacular and rejuvenating setting

Details coming soon!

To be included in an invitation to learn more in a free teleseminar coming soon, please email moc.evoorglanretninull@troppus to be put on the interest list