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Put Down the Rope

Put Down the Rope

Are you someone who constantly frets in angst about making the right decisions? If so, you just might be a perfectionist. And you probably could use a reminder about why there really is no such thing as a wrong choice! So go ahead, press play…


Making right choices can be a big source of anxiety.

Especially when we tell ourselves that a situation only has one right solution or answer.

A more constructive way to approach a dilemma or set of choices is to remind yourself that it’s okay no matter which choice you make.

The formula for real power lies in giving yourself permission to make a choice now and then make another choice later if things don’t work out the way you thought they would.

Imagine being in an ice cream shop and being torn between two different flavors. Is one of them the RIGHT choice and the other wrong? Of course not! In fact, you can actually get a scoop of each, or taste one and choose to have the other, or get one flavor and plan to come back tomorrow for the other flavor, or a variety of other creative options and solutions.

Choices become an internal tug of war when you tell yourself there’s only one right way.

This creates a sense of anxiety, because it implies that you could make the wrong choice.

I would argue that there really are no wrong choices. Because no matter what choice you make, you will learn something. And learning things is valuable.

So if you make a choice that leads to an undesirable outcome, you now know not to make that same choice in the future. That’s called experience!

Look at it as simply two choices that can be re-examined if you decide you want to make a different choice later.

This will take the pressure off.

When two sides are pulling in a tug of war, and one side puts down the rope, the fight is over. There doesn’t need to be a fight. There doesn’t need to be a winner and a loser.

Just put down the rope and allow yourself to make a choice without all the pressure!



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