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Tune In to Real Accomplishment!

Tune In To Real Accomplishment

What types of projects is your workday comprised of? Moving forward in your business (and your life) requires certain tasks. Here’s a simple hint for self-management and tuning your antenna to the frequency of success.


As humans, we are motivated by things that make us feel good.

Because of this, we are sometimes tempted to do tasks that are not necessarily the most important things for the success of our business.

When we accomplish a task that takes ten minutes and we do it perfectly, we feel good about ourselves. We feel we can make a little check in the productivity box.

However, sometimes the tasks that are really going to move our business forward the quickest are not the ones we are compelled to do.

If you are serious about finding or creating your dream job, you have to be willing to do some things that require a little more purpose and insight.

The term I use for tasks that move your business forward is move-the-needle.

Moving the needle of your business requires a bit of self-management.

It requires you to take actions not simply because they give you a momentary sense of accomplishment.

Move-the-needle tasks are the actions that bring you closer to your business goals.

These actions may vary depending on your current situation. But, generally speaking, they are steps that will bring you (or your business) more:

  • Success
  • Income
  • Exposure
  • Clients
  • Interviews/consultations

Of course, productivity is important.

But, a dream job doesn’t come from productivity alone.

You have to know where to focus that productivity.

So, it is worth your time to identify the actions that will move the needle of your business forward, and focus your energy on doing those actions. This is an indispensable self-management skill.

If you are ready to cross over into dream job land, this is a simple and guaranteed way to push the needle of your business into the realm of real success!



If you are someone who seems to get stuck doing things that are not in line with your personal goals and dreams, self-management is something I can help you with. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can point you in the direction of personal power and productivity.