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Are You a Risk-Taker?

What is a risk? For one person it might be quitting a secure, well-paying job to go back to school. For another, it could be deciding to take their business in an entirely new direction. For someone else, it could be reporting that the company they work for is endangering the environment or people’s lives.

Or maybe it’s about working with a company executive to redesign your job description and maximize your contribution in the areas you are most passionate about. (You say impossible, but I just supported a client, as her career coach, to do this very thing to the tune of a $30K raise.)

Career growth – whether that is career change, career advancement or starting your own business – is dependent upon your willingness to take some risks. Are you ready for it, or do you prefer to play it safe and reject change?

Some questions to ask yourself…

  • Does every decision involve endless debates with yourself?
  • Do you accept less than what you should because you’re afraid to speak up?
  • Do you have difficulty making emotional commitments to others?
  • Do you make up excuses that stop you from saying yes to opportunities that will help you grow, learn or expand your comfort zone?
  • Does fear of disapproval keep you from doing what you’d really like to do?

A “yes” answer to any of these questions indicates a reluctance to take risks. This may explain why you’re feeling job burnout, why you dread Monday mornings when you have to face your demanding boss or another difficult situation at work. What small risk are you ready to take today?

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