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Self-Empowerment And The Ego

Self Empowerment And The Ego

Do you feel or behave as if you have personal power? Learn how authentic self-empowerment presents itself in this audio clip.

The term self-empowerment is what I have always called personal power.

Regardless of what you call it, true self-empowerment does not need to be announced.

It is a quiet inner strength that is intuitively felt by others.

Self-empowerment has nothing to do with ego.

Desk banging, yelling, or being unnecessarily rude or condescending are not demonstrations of  real self-empowerment, because someone who is fully in touch with their own personal power has no need to use fear or intimidation.

In fact, egregious behavior that demonstrates how “powerful” someone is is usually a way to compensate for the fact that they feel powerless.

True self-empowerment cannot be faked.

So, if you want to present yourself as someone who is authentically self-empowered, you have to feel deep inside that you are powerful.

You have to trust yourself.

To access your own wellspring of personal power, cultivate a feeling of quiet confidence.

Practice empowerment strategies such as being silent when you feel like losing your cool.

When troubling circumstances arise that you don’t have the answers for, trust yourself to find the answers.

Whether you have to do some research, ask for help, or find an innovative solution, when you are in touch with your authentic personal power, you know down to the core of your being that you will figure it out.

Authentic self empowerment is one of the most worthwhile inner tools to develop, because it allows you to feel and exude confidence, even in challenging circumstances.



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