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Self-Management Skills for Making Work Fun

Self Management Skills for Making Work Fun

How are your self-management skills? If you are an entrepreneur, then you know how important it is to have good ones. In this audio clip, I’ll clue you in on two of my best strategies for cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset and making work fun.

Having effective self-management skills is an asset in any job or career.

But it is essential to running a successful business.

Two valuable components of the entrepreneurial mindset that can keep you productively self-managed and in the fun zone are:

  1. staying focused on YOUR business.
  2. staying flexible.

Skiing and surfing are excellent metaphors for the entrepreneurial mindset, because skiers and surfers have to keep their knees bent, i.e., stay flexible, and they have to be fully present, ready to make momentary adjustments as the terrain or the waves demand.

What do these two practices look like in business?

The first one, staying focused on YOUR business, simply means not comparing yourself to others.

Comparison is the thief of joy. And when you play the comparison game, you always lose, because it welcomes self doubt and criticism, and squanders precious energy and time that’s better spent serving clients and enjoying the process of building your business.

Even businesses offering the same service you are won’t do it the same way you do, and that’s a good thing! It’s like comparing apples to oranges. You want to stand out in your business rather than trying to do it like someone else!

So don’t compare yourself!

Secondly, staying flexible may be an even more important facet of a healthy entrepreneurial mindset, because it allows you to meet unexpected challenges with grace and style.

When you are rigid, perfectionistic, or attached to a certain outcome, you see challenges as annoying problems to overcome. Staying flexible helps you see challenges as opportunities to get creative.

It’s why the metaphor of keeping your knees bent (like a surfer on an unpredictable wave, or a skier on a winding path with bumps and trees) is such a good one to envision when you are feeling stressed or challenged.

It helps you stay in the flow rather than losing your balance (or your productive groove) when the plot thickens.

And, the best thing about using these two self-management skills?

It’s a wonderful strategy for making work fun!



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