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Set It and Don’t Forget It

Set It And Don't Forget It

Goals are meant to be achieved. Take note of this indispensable goal-setting tool that will have you confidently rolling toward success at a perfect pace.


Effective goal setting is an integral part of any growing business.

When you set and achieve goals on a regular basis, you increase productivity and the rate at which your business is able to grow and flourish.

If you are a legacy entrepreneur, you are likely responsible for setting and meeting all the goals of your growing business.

It is essential to have a workable model for your goal setting process.

An indispensable guideline to keep in mind when setting goals is the time frame required to achieve them.

Ideally, any goal you set should be achievable in 30 days.

If there is a goal you would like to meet that requires more than 30 days, break it down into smaller pieces.

So, if you need 90 days, break it into three 30 day goals.

There are some great reasons for setting 30 day goals.

One is that it is easier to stay connected and on task with 30-day goals.

Goals that are set for too long a period of time are more easily forgotten or neglected.

They also have the potential of turning into a reason to beat yourself up. This is not conducive to productivity or goal accomplishment.

Another reason is that 30 day goals allow you to build and maintain momentum.

As you implement and master the 30 day goal cycle, you start to roll with the process. You grow accustomed to setting and achieving goals on a regular basis.

This is how you watch your income and your business grow… every thirty days!

You build confidence as you hone your abilities to set and meet your goals.

You increase the productivity of yourself and your business.

You keep the growth process fresh and alive.

This also means, if you have a goal that is less than pleasant for you, you only have to be focused on it for thirty days. Then you can move on to a new set of goals.

While there are other important goal-setting tools, working with the 30-day model is a great way to get started setting and achieving your goals.



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