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Someday is Now

Someday is Now

Do you put off things that bring you the most joy and satisfaction until after you finish more “pressing” issues? If so, you may want to listen to this short audio clip and get a reminder of how important it is to start moving these things closer to the top of your list.

As a legacy entrepreneur, I have created a life for myself where my deepest core values and the things that bring me the most joy and satisfaction are expressed in my everyday life and work.

It wasn’t always the case.

But when I realized I was living a life that was not feeding my soul, I got down to the business of discovering and creating a new one… one that allows me to give my gifts and live from MY TRUTH.

As it turns out, what brings me the most joy and satisfaction is helping others find THEIR truth.

And now that I have traversed the path for myself, I have a map for them to follow.

I have come to believe that it’s how we are all meant to exist…

Doing things that allow us to make the best contribution to ourselves, our families, and our communities, and living from our core values.

And, yes, getting paid for it!

Going to bed every night with a sense of gratitude and feelings of pride and happiness that come from living your purpose is something I want everyone to experience.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone were living their true purpose?

I can’t make it happen for everyone, but I can tell anyone who is ready to listen, and I can whisper it to you…

Someday is not the time to start creating a life you love. NOW is the time.

Start by doing one small thing every day that makes you feel alive.

I suggest you put it on your schedule: 30 minutes to an hour EVERY DAY doing something that moves you in the direction of the best life you can imagine for yourself.

Not only will you start to feel more alive; you will also find new creative ways and resources to continue on the path.

Go ahead… Start planning for the life you love NOW!



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