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Something To Celebrate

Something To Celebrate

These are strange, uncertain times for sure. I know many of us are feeling unsettled. What I would like to remind you of here are some positive focal points. It is possible to find joy and appreciation, even now!


When you are experiencing uncomfortable emotions it is super important to take some time for self-management and perspective adjustment.

Many of us are feeling a mixture of emotions right now. Grief and fear are looming high in our collective emotional environment.

Uncertainty is another big one.

It takes us out of our now, into ruminations about the past and fear for the future.

This is especially true for those of us who are blessed with creative minds.

We have the ability to imagine any number of disturbing scenarios.

We can embellish with our minds until we become a paralyzed lump of fear.

If you have found yourself dealing with some version of this, allow me to offer an opening for escape.

As I mentioned, our fears are often rooted in thoughts about the past and the future. What could we have done differently? What will we do if…?

I invite you to gently bring yourself into the present moment.

In this moment, here and now, if you are reading this, you are likely in a safe place.

You have a roof over your head.

You have food in the cupboard (and in your belly).

You are warm.

You are clothed.

You are loved.

And your loved ones are safe.

Bring your attention to the abundance that surrounds you in this moment.

Breathe in gratitude for all the blessings in your life right now.

Use these affirmations of well-being to bring your mind to a place of stillness. Dwell in this place for as long as you need to.

Continue to take deep breaths, rooting yourself in the safety and peace of this moment.

As you ground yourself in this calm space, aim your heart and mind toward the goodness you feel. Soak it up.

What is it that brings a smile of gratitude to your face right now?

That is something to celebrate!



If you have specific work challenges in this unusual time, questions about options for navigating something you’ve not encountered before or simply need a shoulder for some extra support, I am here for you so please consider booking a private phone consultation. And yes, this is on me to support your ease and good health.

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