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Internal Groove Founder, Barb Garrison, speaks at women’s leadership conferences, corporate lunch and learns, business retreats, monthly association meetings, universities, on telesummits, podcasts and radio shows about designing and optimizing your career based on your truth.

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Join the Job I Love Revolution
with Barb Garrison, speaker, facilitator, trainer

Facing our fears about who we are inside and outside the box of our business card is not always pretty, but when we’re willing to take the risk to go there with curiosity, we don’t have to choose between our livelihood and our truth. We can have both. You can get paid to do you. Most people think their work challenges are based on external circumstances, but Barb will show you the importance of upgrading your patterns and habits that get in the way of optimal self-management, results and true satisfaction.

With humility and humor, Barb has a feisty, entertaining, straight-up style that will have the audience laughing and learning in a fast-paced, fun and self-reflective way.

Barb is happy to create custom content based on the needs of your audience so please don’t hesitate to share specific goals you’re working on.

Speaking themes can be tailored for:

  • Keynotes
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Podcasts
  • 3 part series
  • In-depth trainings
  • Full Day Retreats

Most Requested Topics

The Job I Love Revolution

Transforming the Job You Have Into a Job You Love

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How to Perform a Jobectomy with Minimal Blood: Shortcuts to Designing Work You’re Truly Meant to Do


Putting Out the Fires of Burnout: 10 Most Common Sources of Stress at Work and What to Do About Them

How to Get It All Done Your Way…Because There’s No Such Thing as Time Management

Peace at Work: Finding your Voice with Grace & Style in the Corporate World

Max Your Lifelong Learning: Grow Personally to Thrive Professionally

For Job Seekers

How to Network The Fun Way

Job Search Power: What The Resume Books Don’t Tell You

How to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Stack

For Entrepreneurs

Taking an Xray for the Entrepreneurial Bone: Are You Truly Meant to Start Your Own Business?

Success Habits of Highly Successful Trail-Blazing Entrepreneurs

Money Breakthrough

7 Secrets to Creating A Permanently Open Door for Prosperity

Eliminating Your Debt: It’s Not What You Think It’s About

“Barb was magical, kind and inspiring. What a killer job she did on stage!”
Rachael Shayne
Boulder, CO
"I have witnessed Barb give amazing talks in front of 15 people, as well as in front of 180 people. Beware, her passion is contagious! After hearing her speak, I felt inspired and confident about the next steps I could take in my career. And she does this with humility and humor. What a blast! If you want to treat your guests to a very entertaining, knowledge-filled, career-breakthrough talk, you should call Barb. Like, now!"
Michelle P
Video Producer
Boulder, CO
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You did an absolutely awesome job. It was an honor to watch you command the room and to do so in such a fun way. Everyone I talked to at the conference kept saying how great it was and that it was the best session of the day. Thank you to all you brought to this presentation, not just today, but in planning for it and really structuring a program that would benefit our session participants. You are a true professional! And, a rockstar.”
Stephanie Bruno
Event Producer
Denver, CO

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What Leaders Say About Barb as a Speaker

“The session was simply brilliant. Barb Garrison’s spunky, no-nonsense approach keeps the audience engaged and allows her to cultivate a meaningful connection with participants based on respect and trust. She uses her acute emotional intelligence and non-judgmental perspective to challenge and hold you accountable in a way that’s compassionate. Barb doesn’t talk at you, and she doesn’t hand you the solution on a silver platter. Instead, she actively listens and has a conversation with you, even in a room of 200 people. She helps you reframe your thinking, identify the issue and develop your own solution. People respond to her approach because she’s down in the trenches with you. And she gets results – her group sessions aren’t just informational, they’re actionable. Each participant didn’t just leave with a cluster of sound-bytes, but a tangible strategy to achieve their goals,.”
Jessica Thill
Senior Content Strategist
Denver, CO
“Barb, your presentation evaluation was a unanimous 5 out of 5 from all the participants. The attendees loved you! Here are a few of the comments we got:
"Awesome speaker. A+. Good stuff. 10/10. Would learn from her again. Wow."
"Really personable and gave great examples."
"Barb went above and beyond with her advice and recommendations - she answered questions I didn't know I had.”
“We need more people to tell us like it is, which is what Barb did."
"This session was extremely helpful. I feel so much more prepared going into the next step of my career.”
"So helpful with hands-on applicable knowledge."
Jessica Baumgarten
Program Director
Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado Boulder
“What a treat to have your positive energy at our event! Thank you for showing your enthusiasm and care for our attendees; they LOVED your presentation and every one of them expressed that they were glad they attended. Thank you for your time, talent and your stories! I would love to work with you in the future for other professional development events.”
Lindsay Luzania
Program Manager
Boulder, CO
“Thank YOU for such an incredible breakout session. You really captured the essence of the conference, giving women an opportunity to help each other while walking away with tangible tips for themselves. You nailed it and the whole room was a buzz. Bravo!”
Susan Bleekman
Producer, WILD Summit
Westminster, CO
“Barb's speaking has a way of relating to participants that meets them where they are. She delivers a realistic perspective on the world of work with warmth and humor, and she is genuine in her willingness to connect. I love having Barb present at our events because, not only do the attendees get the benefit of her insight, but I do as well."
Joan Fishburn
Assistant Director of Career Advising
President-elect | Collegiate Career Services Association of Colorado & Wyoming
“As a featured guest on my radio show, Barb and I had a lively, uplifting and informative conversation about beating career burn-out. Barb delivers her insight with mastery and personal understanding that will shift how you think about your work.”
Karyn Pettigrew
Beyond Blind Spots
Radio Host
“Thank you Barb for your Career Development Speaking Series. I completely enjoyed your down-to-earth, "real world," very positive style, and I learned a great deal of truly beneficial information from you.”
Biotechnology Sales & Training Consultant
Denver, CO
“Was a pleasure to work with you as a speaker Barb. You did a great job connecting with the audience and we were lucky to have you. You're a real talent so thank you again for jumping in to replace the other speaker at the last minute.”
Erika Smith
Event Producer
Boulder, CO

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