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Am I Too Old to Start Something New?

Am I Too Old to Start Something New?

Do you think it’s too late to try a new path? Get the answer now.


If you think you are too old or it’s too late to find your dream job, think again!

It is never too late.

Of course, we have all heard that over and over again. But sometimes, we need someone to remind us.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.

The work you are meant to do is waiting for you to discover it.

If you are not positioned in your dream job now, there is probably something deep within your heart, calling you to seek it out.

The only thing you need to step on the path of finding work you were meant to do is a desire.

If you are feeling a call or a pull to make a job or career change, the universe is ready and waiting to help you along with unexpected resources, ideas, and helpers.

You simply need to take the first steps to get yourself started. This will affirm to your higher self and to the universe that you are serious and ready for the challenge.

Age and experience do not matter when it comes to work you are meant to do.

Age is just a number. No matter your age, if you want to find your dream job, now is the best time to begin.

You would not have a desire or a lack for something different than what you are doing now if that were not the case.

Step into your own internal groove by beginning a path of doing work you love and getting paid to do the work you are meant to do!

Whatever skills and tools you have picked up on other paths or endeavors can and will serve as assets in the work that is calling you to take a new path.

Doors will open that you didn’t even know were there before.

Take the first step. The universe is waiting.



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  1. I never thought my career had money-making potential because I didn’t believe I had mine-making potential. I quit a career in fashion photography because I didn’t believe in myself. When I became a coach, I loved it so much that I realized I HAD to charge people a certain amount of money so I would be able to continue doing the thing I love. I am still struggling to get my rates to where they should be, but knowing where I came from, I am still proud of where I’m at.

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