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Step Out of Scarcity

When money is tight and times are hard, how do you deal? Here’s one way to step out of the mindset of scarcity and celebrate abundance.

When you are striving to gain financial freedom, there are a few areas that may need to be examined or tweaked.

Accounting and money management are very important. It is also important to examine your habits, patterns and practices around money. This includes your mindset about money.

As a money breakthrough coach, I have observed how detrimental scarcity thinking can be on the path to gaining financial freedom. It can completely shut you down.

Scarcity thinking is tricky. It can take many forms. Even if you are looking at a small amount of actual dollars, how you honor, believe, and treat that money makes a huge difference.

Your energy around money (which is a major influence on your habits, patterns and practices) greatly impacts your success on the road to financial freedom.

One pitfall to having a money breakthrough is failing to acknowledge the degree of your experience and expertise in your chosen field.

Say you have just made your business official, even though you have been learning, practicing and studying in your field for years.

Starting a new business is not synonymous with just starting out in your field. You are an expert in the field because of all the skills you have gained in the process leading up to that point.

It is easy to tell yourself you don’t have a right to demand the monetary compensation you deserve because you are a new business.

This is scarcity thinking. This is a road block to having a money breakthrough and attaining true financial freedom.

Boldly stating that you are an expert instead of thinking of yourself as a beginner is one way to step out of scarcity.

This is not about making things up, padding your resume, or being out of integrity. It is about acknowledging and honoring who you truly are and celebrating that.

If you don’t celebrate it, no one else is going to.



If you would like to gain deeper insight into your own habits, patterns and practices around money, reach out to me for some guidance. You can have a money breakthrough and gain true financial freedom!

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