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Streamline Your Workflow Processes

Streamline Your Workflow Processes

Are your workflow processes as efficient as they could be? Learn an unexpectedly simple way to optimize your productivity in this audio clip.

Efficient workflow processes are a critical part of operating a successful business.

And while some people may believe that multitasking is an efficient self management tool for optimizing productivity, you might be surprised to discover that is not the case.

In fact, the term multitasking is somewhat of a misnomer.

It’s actually not possible to do more than one thing at the same time.

A more accurate term is switch-tasking, because you are really going from one thing to another, to another, and another…

While switch-tasking makes it feel as if you are getting more done, the truth is that each time you switch from one task to another, transition time is required.

So the more times you switch, the more cumulative time is used for transition.

If you just did one task at a time all the way through to completion, you would eliminate multiple transition periods, and thus save time.

The other negative effect of switch tasking is that it can create a feeling of worry and anxiety in the body. This is because it revs up your motor, so to speak.

I don’t think anyone is eager to add more worry and anxiety to their lives!

Extensive research has been done on this topic and it has determined that a task takes an average of three times longer to complete when it is done by switch tasking than when it is followed through to completion. THREE TIMES LONGER!

So much for workflow efficiency!

For this simple reason, I would recommend that everyone experiment with doing tasks all the way to completion.

This is even more relevant if you are a switch-tasker and you already have issues with worry and anxiety.

And it’s certainly worth trying out if you would like to save time and increase your workflow efficiency.



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