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Coaching Success Stories

"I was at an inflection point, not wanting to keep working blindly along in a corporate job the rest of my days. I've tapped into a lot during my time with Barb - not only career advice, creative brainstorming and business skills, but frankly, about my own inner workings, which ultimately reflect in my career. Barb helped me overcome self-doubt with exercises and ways of thinking to remain confident. In addition to negotiating a promotion and raise in my current career, I've created a new business brand, and related marketing materials, that reflect the deepest parts of myself for my next career chapter. With motivation beyond anything I'd previously mustered on my own. I am standing in my truth and understand the positive feedback fear provides for me. I can even review financial data more than I believed and have more knowledge about business resources and logistics. I feel enthusiastic about what the future will bring."
Executive Account Director, Sales
New York, NY
"My career has never been better. After getting a very substantial raise, the first in 5 years thanks to your help, I'm totally in the zone. Just had a great meeting with my bosses to go through all my accomplishments for the last year and they were blown away. In fact, I'm on deck to be promoted to partner in the next round! I've never been better at advocating for myself so thank you for helping me learn how to better handle doing just that! I had a great year psychologically and financially. I owe so much of that to the work you and I did together and I wanted to say thank you. You really made a difference in my life."
Talent Agent
Los Angeles, CA
"At the end of every coaching session with Barb Garrison, I find myself standing firmly in the power of my career vision and skills. Now, instead of desperately seeking clients, they are coming out of the woodwork seeking me. Working with Barb has transformed me from being a stressed-out sole proprietor to a professional creative back in touch with his soul.”
Film and Video Game Director
Los Angeles, CA
"Before my work with Internal Groove, I was stuck, stressed, exhausted and not always intentional in my career choices and consequently, not happy with the results. Now, embracing my non-tradiitional path, I'm actively creating an exciting legacy business feeling energized with more purpose. Instead of just taking on the next project that just comes along, I'm getting paid to do ME. I have better boundaries with my working conditions and job selection criteria plus greater clarity about my strengths, allowing me to embrace my inner CEO and act more boldly. The future seems limitless!"
Boulder, CO
“I moved from being in a corporate job where I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning to being a confident, self-starting entrepreneur in a business that I am extremely passionate about. All the relevant exercises I did with Barb are about so much more than just my career. My life looks so different than when we first started and it’s fantastic!”
Service Business Entrepreneur
Las Vegas, NV
"Being laid off was a real possibility, but Barb supported me to feel confident that I could create something else if needed. I was in fact laid off, but the beauty was that I was perfectly positioned to apply for- and accept- a terrific job that allows me to live my life's purpose every day. When I was feeling anxious about the interview, Barb helped me shift from nervousness to excitement and put what I was feeling in perspective. I learned to practice commitment to what I want, without attachment to outcomes I have in mind, which helped me be more open-minded and "not be so sure" that I know what the outcome will be. It might actually be WAY better than I could have imagined. My great new job contains nearly all the elements of my ideal career. The truth of me is emerging more every day and this is incredibly freeing. I now see change and the unknown as doorways to creativity and personal growth rather than a risk to my safety. In situations where I feel insecure or intimidated by others, rather than being my own harshest critic or reacting defensively, which caused communication issues with others, I trust myself to be me and not worry about what others might think or say. I feel much more confident in meetings, staying more in the moment and being open to whatever outcomes may arise instead of thinking ahead about what I need to say. I'm thrilled with where my career has brought me and the opportunities that lie ahead."
Global Communications & Outreach Manager
Longmont, CO
"I was struggling to find a life beyond my children. I now have a clear purpose and vision beyond being a stressed out Mom that has given me back a piece of myself that was missing. My biggest challenge was figuring out what kind of business I wanted to create and you helped dig it out of me. I created a dream job for myself using your process to uncover the best work for me based on who I am, my strengths, talents and what makes me happy. It's truly an amazing creative process! Ecstatic about my new career, I'm excited to wake up everyday. With more confidence in every aspect of my life, I can now hear my own voice and what's important to me. Not caring so much what others may think is SO freeing and I realize now that I CAN be a good mom and have a career without compromising either. THANK YOU for giving me hope and help finding my way back to happiness. I could not have created this amazing new career without you. Am forever grateful!"
Founder and Executive Director
Malibu, CA
"So grateful to have found such amazing and fulfilling work and a coach to help me through this journey of starting my own business. Barb's been so much more to me than a Career Coach because, even my personal stuff, is all part of my journey. I was unsure of my offerings to both my family and the world and how to contribute to myself and those around me at the same time. I found my life's purpose and made it a business, from building my brand to building confidence in myself as an entrepreneur. I've found amazing ways to share what I offer with people and know what I'm presenting is a revolutionary way to change the future. I discovered how to implement self-care tools in new ways and navigate my family fun drama, Barb listened, validated and helped me keep things in perspective while owning what was mine while recognizing what belonged to others. I learned the beautiful gift of boundaries in the best ways. I am incredibly excited to be so fulfilled making a difference and that's an unbelievably good feeling."
Mama Mentor, Doula & Founder
Los Angeles, CA
“Inspired by Barb’s intuition, knowledge and style, I became aware of my values and those now help guide both my career and life in a way that aligns with who I am. I make more conscious choices and fully own those choices. Understanding that I was replacing passion with structure in my career was a jewel that gives me a whole new perspective. I learned to fight for my dreams rather than for my limitations and that leaves me far more fulfilled!”
Director of Creative Services
Los Angeles, CA
"I was at the bottom, emotionally, spiritually and financially, defeated and focused on my failures rather than my victories, while carrying on a charade of well-being. Now my opportunities are multiplying, from one less than ideal client and waiting for people to come to me while I holed up in my studio, to proactively stepping out in the world everyday with confidence, knowledge and passion. Others in my life tell me they see an extraordinary shift in my energy. I am back on solid ground with longtime clients coming back while I’m actively meeting new clients, prospects and friends. I ask for what I want and trust that it will come to me because I have the power to create my dreams."
CEO of my Life
Venice, CA
"Before I met Barb, I had lost myself, was feeling cranky, challenged with procrastination and didn't know what I wanted or where to start. Now I'm enjoying my work and the opportunity to do well. Even with what feels like an impossible workload sometimes, I'm handing it all well, thanks to our coaching that focused on recognizing and honoring my unique leadership style rather than acting like "poor me." I really do not think I could be doing what I'm doing on a daily basis without the perspective shift of our work together. I'm much happier, a better more confident leader who knows the value I bring, can deal more effectively with challenges, am more in control of my actions and reactions, have built bridges, a strong team, good relationships and am making more impact at my job. With Barb's help, I was even able to ask for and receive a promotion with a new title and increase in salary!"
Project and Events Manager
Boulder, CO
"I was feeling disenchanted with my business, knowing I needed it to grow, but not motivated to do that. I was a wreck thinking "pretty soon” I was going to get a handle on everything and be in a better place, but month after month of telling myself that, it was not happening. I was over-committing myself, making promises I knew I couldn’t keep and procrastinating horribly because I was so overwhelmed. Barb helped me get a handle on my overwhelm and find a balance between my perfectionism and what my clients actually need from me. She gave me concrete tools and strategies to test out, but it was ultimately, the non-tangible inner work we did that was most beneficial. Now, I'm taking self-motivated action to attract more business and my husband and I are approaching our finances differently. I feel like a sane person again which is my biggest accomplishment. Plus, I’m walking almost daily again and feeling more positive about myself, my business and its potential than I have in a really long time.”
Web Developer
Sammamish, WA
"I was feeling very stuck in my work, trapped in my life and discouraged about my future prospects and tended to see things in a negative light, viewing myself as a victim of circumstances outside my control. I've become more integrated into my work team, more confident in my decisions while I lead my group and am a happier person in general, having learned to be more proactive in my career and even with friends and family. My self-confidence at home, work, and with my kids has increased. I see my own value more clearly, feel more empowered, open to opportunities and ultimately, in control of my own future."
M. Kay
Los Angeles, CA
Thanks to Barb’s very gifted way of using her insight and knowledge to confront, re-direct and guide, I’ve recognized the impact of not having strong enough staff support. I became much, much clearer about what I need in team members and found the courage to let go of activities and people that weren't working. I brought in the support of an office manager/assistant and a new intern who are a great fit and in the process have new energy and direction for our further defined target market because I understand my strengths and my company's strengths even more.
Westlake Village, CA
"I was coasting without a goal, not marketing, not tracking my finances, not proactively reaching out to clients and only working when I had to...and yet still running a mile a minute. Not only did I surpass the first goal I set together with Barb, but within the year, I increase my income 165% and then became #5 in my office for revenue earned and ultimately climbed into the Chairman's Circle in the top 1% in sales of the company. Besides the many new systems, self-management tools and strategies I now have in place, including a great new assistant, I have the confidence to meet new prospects and draw them in because I love what I do. I’m re-energized, excited at the opportunities ahead, proud of my accomplishments and that feels AWESOME! Barb, thank you FOR EVERYTHING!"
Real Estate Agent
Brentwood, CA
"I was totally lost, pretty much despondent on the verge of quitting my job, barely able to go through the motions. After a number of post-military career setbacks, I had limited energy at home for my wife and kids as I struggled to find purpose. Not only am I on the road to building my own business, but I have an interest in discovery again, having taken up new hobbies. I have renewed faith, even when I couldn’t find it before. Barb helped me remember who I was and even supported me with the loss of my best friend. She saved me a ton of money on therapy by getting to the root of my frustrations. So many aspects of my life and relationships are so much better. I love people again. My relationship with my wife is better than anytime in the past 5 years. Knowing your own truth yields confidence and that’s the beauty of it all. I am confident again in the corporate world because I’m not trying to be someone else. Barb helped me see I actually have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives me and without expressing it, there was a part of my soul starving. This program has been the most significant step in my life since being nominated for the U.S. Naval Academy - a major course correction."
Retired Military Officer and Consultant
Seattle, WA
"I was at the bottom, emotionally, spiritually and financially, defeated and focused on my failures rather than my victories, while carrying on a charade of well-being. Now my opportunities are multiplying, from one less than ideal client and waiting for people to come to me while I holed up in my studio, to proactively stepping out in the world everyday with confidence, knowledge and passion. Others in my life tell me they see an extraordinary shift in my energy. I am back on solid ground with longtime clients coming back while I’m actively meeting new clients, prospects and friends. I ask for what I want and trust that it will come to me because I have the power to create my dreams."
Sales Account Executive
Los Angeles, CA
"After 25 years dedicated to one field, I was lost and questioning my success and commitment to that profession. I have stepped out of the fog and can see a new path. I now understand how to build a network and utilize those contacts to navigate a career change - and am meeting with people I never thought I'd have the confidence to approach."
Program Management
Denver, CO
"I wanted to share with you Barb that after completing taxes this year, I hit a personal best in total gross income that's 110% more than the monthly goal we set that had me kicking and screaming when we first started working together. Consistent coaching has proven to be the most reliable method I have to grow my businesses as a successful entrepreneur."
Boston, MA
"I was blown away by the power of hearing what I wrote in my life satisfaction assessment from when I first started coaching. Back then, while I made good money, I was very unfulfilled in my career, but totally confused about why. I had a concept of what I wanted my life to look like, but I didn’t know how to make that happen. I dug into my true desires for personal and professional freedom and learned how to follow my inner voice rather than what I thought everyone else wanted for me. Without Barb’s program, I would probably still be stuck in my career, knowing deep down inside that it wasn’t what I wanted, but too afraid to get out. I’m now living my "real” life – the one I’ve always dreamed of.”
Associate Publisher
Los Angeles, CA
"In a 'work identity crisis' I was feeling like a fish out of water at my job, undervalued and afraid I had fallen into yet another position that didn't fit me. Barb taught me to value myself and my unique passions. That helped me communicate more clearly and confidently in work relationships and empowered me to try new things like asking for a raise using the method's she taught me. This was a HUGE step for me and I got it!
Program Coordinator
Denver, CO
"I used to panic about money on a regular basis while squandering time. I took "no” personally, sulked and walked away. Today I reach out and engage a lot more people, both personally and professionally, actively submit proposals and have signed agreements for work with three new, ideal clients in two months, doubling my monthly income."
Los Angeles, CA
"You changed my life in so many ways and carried me literally on your back through some really tough times. I will never forget your support and will always credit you with enabling me to find a profession that makes me "leap out of bed". You and I dreamed up an ideal lifestyle together that came true and it fills me up with so much joy and satisfaction."
Senior Account Executive turned Business Owner
Los Angeles CA
"The moment I began working with Barb, I found a guardian angel that could help me dismantle my career anxieties, fears and frustrations that were holding me back. As a bonus, I improved all of my relationships because I no longer needed to "vent” to my husband and friends about work. Giving myself the gift of Barb allowed me to achieve my goals so gracefully that it brought me to whole new level in my life, personally and professionally.”
Talent Agent
Los Angeles, CA
"Working with Barb, I’ve gained clarity about what I want my ideal career to be like. Doing it on my own was too large a task. I’ve stopped procrastinating and worrying excessively which, in the past, stood in the way of reaching my goals. I feel tremendously optimistic about my future.”
Los Angeles, CA
"I now have clarity about where I want to be in my career which brings a sense of purpose that I have never felt. Having Barb as an objective voice that challenges and pushes me to see all the possibilities in a situation has helped me move forward with specific action plans.”
Senior Vice President, Segment Marketing
San Francisco, CA
"The weekly challenges I took on allowed me to shift my belief systems that were holding me back from being the best version of myself. Coming into this work, I thought it was just going to be about my career. The effects of Barb’s work have changed me into a confident, focused, self-sufficient woman in all areas of my life. How good it feels to know I can count on me!”
Business Owner
Marina del Rey, CA
"Feeling stalled, stuck and frustrated had me uncertain about the direction of my business. With my new paradigm about how I think of and talk about my services, I have a much more solid foundation for my business that allows me to better help people rather than feeling like a pushy salesperson. You've helped me better understand human nature and what motivates them. Not only do I now have packages to offer potential clients and program descriptions to go with them, but a verbal way to engage new people about what I have to offer. This created a big shift in my confidence in how I speak about my work and ask for people's business. I am feeling very optimistic and certain of my success and already have 2 new clients."
Mind/Body Educator
Glendale, CA

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to promise that your results will be exactly the same because your results will depend on what YOU create. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, level of commitment, desire and motivation.

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