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"The Money Breakthrough Retreat was a truly empowering and amazing two days. The group you brought together was filled with diverse, intelligent, funny, kind-hearted people (which was no surprise considering that you were the common denominator). I learned something from each and every person in that group. I made some major breakthroughs and have some real tangible steps to take. I also took away a very different perspective about money and my family. Even though I am not going to continue my family legacy with money, I feel good about the new choices that I will be making and the awareness that I now have. There were some incredible nuggets that my parents instilled in me, one of which is a very strong work ethic. I think it is just a matter of redirecting my attention on why I work so hard and what I am working towards. I could go on for awhile on my insights...but thank you and thank you for finding your mission and passion in life, because you are incredibly good at what you do and very inspiring to watch."
Entertainment Attorney
Los Angeles, CA
"My family money legacy haunted me, hindering the great progress I knew I was meant to be making in my businesses. After Barb's Money Breakthrough Retreat, I am much more aware of those old money habits and I have re-written a new legacy for myself and my family. Even more, I'm allowing myself to feel valued enough to charge more for my services. I've learned that net worth has a relationship with self-worth. From that Retreat, I now know that fuzzy boundaries were a core issue of mine that I have since been shoreing-up and I've been freeing myself of worrying about money all the time. Not only have we been saving money consistently each month, but I've revised my client contracts with new pricing and policies that represent more clear boundaries and I'm feeling more confident seeing myself as the expert I am. The biggest shift I walked away with is that I understand that we will always be faced with choices in life, but if I'm standing firmly in my own power, choosing the path that's best will feel more effortless and natural."
Composer and Psychologist
Boston, MA
"I was very anxious about growing my business and had several programs that I was struggling with managing, but after working with Barb and the group, I feel like I've found the "sweet spot" with my business in terms of keeping it going, growing, yet still manageable with the rest of my life. I'm more relaxed about everything, plus clients are coming to me!"
Denver, CO
“You made my weekend. Not only did I enjoy the workshop and find it packed with useful advice in a manner that encourages me to get going and try it all, but I'm so impressed with you. I knew you were a fabulous speaker and mentor and still, i can recognize the polish and the higher level of subtle command and leadership. You are amazing and living proof of how we shine when we live our truth and passion.”
Los Angeles, CA
"I was at a crossroads, coming out of a job I held for 13 years. While I was actually excited to make a career change, I had concerns about supporting my family, but now have a firm that has gained traction with my network responding because I have more confidence in my business conversations and negotiations, Barb brought me out of the shell that I didn't even know I was in because I had been beaten down over the years and had lost some of my pioneering attitude, without even realizing it. With a well-equipped office I love working in, a new website and higher fees, I feel so much better thinking as a strategic CEO and know I can take my company to the next level with the business skills I've honed."
Irvine, CA
"Yesterday after a session with Barb, I was sitting on the train writing out my ideal client profile, the layout for a new program and it just FLOWED. Before it felt like solving a calculus problem. The amazing difference now is that I know who I want to be as a service provider. No wonder I couldn't get my brain around all this before. I was trying to be everything I'm interested in, but separately, and it didn't work. Now I see if I claim it all as ME without separation, it's easy to actually be everything I want to be and know exactly who I serve as my entire authentic self. It all made me smile to see the huge shift in my thinking and what this will create for me."
Makeup Artist & Beauty Educator
New York, NY
"I am much more confident and clear about how to tighten up employee issues, map out programming along with how to price our offerings and develop compelling verbiage to sell our services, especially for our most lucrative target audience. I’ve learned to connect up with strengths I already have for more effortless implementation. I moved from uncertainty and over-management to stepping into my role as a leader with confidence and focus on my big vision, having improved teamwork with my staff, feeling excited and eager to move forward. I now trust myself and feel excited and able to create even more abundance!"
Founder and Clinical Director
Westlake Village, CA
"Before Barb, I had no particular direction, and I didn’t feel I could increase my income with my private work. I had no marketing strategy or materials. Since working with her, I’ve realized how old ways of thinking about money were actually devaluing my worth. I've been marketing myself more and as a result of specific action plans Barb and I put in place, I’ve raised my new client fee and increased my overall monthly income. I’m working on a book, and have an elevator pitch to share what I do – that I’m now confident using. I can ask for what I'm worth, and I now know there are ways to increase my income without feeling I am compromising my integrity. People out there want to pay me for what I am worth!"
Business Owner
Westlake Village, CA
"The most important mindset shift I got from the Legacy Mastermind group has been the knowledge that I am "not alone" in this and that so many of the issues and challenges I face are normal and part of being an entrepreneur. I learned to focus my attention on promoting services in my business that create money and I say no more, which has freed up my time and reduced my stress. Instead, I'm excited to be earning a living helping people doing something I love, that I believe is crucially important, without feeling overwhelmed. Working with Barb and the group has helped me figure out what works and what doesn't. I've overcome fears about inviting potential clients into my business, which has been a big breakthrough for me. My business is growing without me feeling like I'm puling my hair out."
Kitchen Coach
Denver, CO
"In my work with Barb and the group, I uncovered negative traits and bad habits that were holding me back. I learned to STOP doubting myself and am no longer afraid to take risks. In fact, I know who I am, what I am meant to do and have started a business I love that reflects that."
Executive turned Business Owner
Los Angeles, CA
“I feel as if I walked through a threshold, or crossed a border into new territory. You showed me how to find gratitude for my family money legacy and this profoundly changed the story I've been telling myself all of these years which is simply not true.  It's like awakening from blindness.”
Los Angeles, CA
"I had a lot of potential, but was seriously lacking in self-confidence. Barb’s Self-Management workshop helped me recognize I have a lot to offer and much of my floundering is about not spending the time that I want to on MY priorities. I’d heard of a few of the tools presented, but the overall package was much more comprehensive than anything I'd encountered before. This holistic approach inspired me to take a step back, re-evaluate and be more proactive in managing myself. Clear on the incremental steps forward I can take, Barb helped me get unstuck."
Energy Strategist
Denver, CO

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to promise that your results will be exactly the same because your results will depend on what YOU create. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, level of commitment, desire and motivation.

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