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"I feel so much lighter! What I got in one afternoon in my Half Day Virtual Retreat with Barb was worth every penny. I feel like I just had 10 therapy sessions at once, only better, because I have a deeper understanding of myself and what actions to implement in a way that's much easier than what I've been doing for way too long."
Design Director
San Francisco, CA
"I felt stuck in not knowing how to go from point A to point B to start my new business based on an idea I've had for a long time. Barb helped me find more confidence by showing me who I truly am and ultimately, what it is I'm meant to do with my life. I've stopped swimming around and am now certain. Stepping up to be the leader of my tribe, I've taken the first necessary steps toward my goal, and know what I have to offer."
Entertainment Industry Executive
Los Angeles, CA
“Before my VIP Day with Barb, I had a tendency to analyze my career options to death without making a clear choice. I was living various aspects of my life on the fence, looking over to each side of that fence, not quite ready to jump down onto one side or the other. I broke through this mindset that was holding me back from making some critical decisions. I now realize this kind of limbo, not only keeps me from moving forward, but is debilitating and exhausting. Barb helped me find the courage to express aloud what I really want and how I will make it happen. After one day of having such an intensive and concentrated period of time with Barb, I feel more positive, focused and reinvigorated. I learned that if I don’t map out what I really want and aim for that, I will get far less. I got clarity about what I want my future work life to look like and have a 12 month plan of action for my career path with goals, benchmarks and concrete steps for my next chapter. I am confident that I will reach my goals to have the career I am looking for.”
Los Angeles, CA
“Unfocused, unmotivated and definitely unexcited about my career and the prospects I thought I had for my future, I was challenged with low expectations for myself. I carried around this feeling that I can’t expect to be successful in a career or earn any real money. Previously challenged by a lack of focus, I now understand what that was really about.

Being away from home and the chaos of my daily life, I could immerse myself in the answers I was looking for without distractions during my 2 Day VIP Retreat with Barb. I gained a real sense of my purpose and feel very motivated to start working with that purpose. I got clear on my strengths, talents, and even tapped into the creative visionary in me. With Barb’s help, I created specific and tangible goals for the next three months. Finding my voice in an arena I am truly passionate about allowed me to step into a leadership role in my new venture. Never having pursued any career goals with much real gusto, now I couldn’t wait to get home and start on my blog, the first step in my career plan. I left armed with some great tools that helped me launch it by the Monday morning I got home and now I even get paid as a blog contributor!”

Magazine Writer & Editor
Denver, CO
"Before my work with Barb, I was stuck, wanted to quit my job and felt extremely guilty about not living up to my perceived expectations. I'm now seeking out and implementing more innovation in my day-to-day responsibilities and delegating tasks to junior employees to free up my time for more creative tasks. Having Barb’s objective, outside input helped me to see where I can shift my own perspective on a daily basis, particularly when faced with something difficult or a task I don't want to do. Handling stressful situations at work is easier and I'm certainly more confident in asserting myself. I now have tools to help get through the tough days. I've let go of a lot of guilt about previous life experiences and now help others to shift their own perspectives in challenging circumstances - which is living my life purpose! "
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Los Angeles, CA
"Thanks to Barb's compassion, understanding and invaluable advice on so many levels, I got my groove back! Barb gently guided me through rough terrain when I lost my job and was a life-saver when I was negotiating my compensation package for my new job. She helped me rediscover "me” and move forward with both my head AND my heart. This was not only important for my new job, but even made a difference in my personal life with family and friends."
Sales & Marketing Professional
Boulder, CO
“Barb’s business coaching skills were extremely beneficial to me at a time when I needed them most. With Barb’s help I was able to gain clarity about my business structure and find the confidence I needed to step into the role of CEO!”
Small Business Owner
Burbank, CA
“My VIP Retreat day caused a radical shift in my focus around growing my business. My daily patterns about money are transforming and a number of breakthroughs have already come to me as a direct result. I feel as if I walked through a threshold, or crossed a border into new territory. You showed me how to find gratitude for my family money legacy and this profoundly changed the story I've been telling myself all of these years which is simply not true. It's like awakening from blindness.”
Venice, CA
“Unfocused and dissatisfied, I came to Barb for guidance. I wanted to take the opportunity to explore some things that might feel like throw-away ideas, but turned out not to be. Barb helped me shift my perspective about my personal skills, as well as the talents I have that are transferable between industries. Thanks to my VIP Retreat, I have greater focus now, new confidence, a clear list of potential career paths and am looking into opportunities with companies I am excited about."
Director of International Sales
New York, NY

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to promise that your results will be exactly the same because your results will depend on what YOU create. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, level of commitment, desire and motivation.

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