Be the Life of the Party!

Be the Life of the Party!

Can life fulfillment make you more attractive? It most definitely can! Use this compelling personal account to encourage yourself to follow your dreams.

Make a Clean Sweep

Make a Clean Sweep

If you’re feeling scattered, take a look around. Do you have an orderly space to dwell and work? Here’s a beautiful reminder of the importance of taking the time to de-clutter your life.

When was the last time you made a deposit in your energy bank account?

Your Values Are Showing

Your Values Are Showing

What types of projects is your workday comprised of? Moving forward in your business (and your life) requires certain tasks. Here’s a simple hint for self-management and tuning your antenna to the frequency of success.

Times Up And So Are You

Time’s Up… and So Are You

Time slips away, but there may be another more valuable (and more manageable) resource you are overlooking… If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing the work you’re truly meant to do, I’d like to invite you for a F.R.E.E. Passion Business Power Session with me so you can have your first breakthrough. Book a time […]

Who Are You Really

Who Are You Really?

What skills do you utilize in your current job? Are they skills you are good at, but bored with? How can you begin to discover more of the skills you would like to use to create work that makes you happy? Take this advice on where to look for some valuable clues.

When you feel stuck, stand in someone else's perspective

Too Many Passions

Too Many Passions?

The old saying: Jack-of-all-trades, master of none! reveals the bias against those who choose a varied work life rather than committing to a unidirectional path. There was a time, however, when society admired such a person. In fact, some of our greatest contributors have been talented in a variety of areas.