I've Got You

I’ve Got You

What is your favorite survival mechanism? It’s the thing you often do when you’re feeling stressed, scared, overwhelmed, emotional or unsure. There is a good reason why we call it a survival mechanism, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best course of action. Here’s why…

Qualities of the New Normal

Qualities of the New Normal | 7 Skills for the Future

Do you have the requisite qualities for building a satisfying life for yourself and a better world for others? No matter what your answer, the good news is, these qualities can be learned and cultivated. In this podcast, I’ll discuss three such qualities and their potential positive impact.

Wait A Minute

Wait a Minute!

Do you find a million things to do instead of what you really need to do? Here’s a provocative angle on the psychology of procrastination.

Shift Out of Panic

Shifting Out of Panic | The Creativity Coach Podcast

What do you want to get out of this time? Today, I’m discussing these challenging and creative times in my interview on The Creativity Coach Podcast about ways we can tap into our creative thinking to move through this with more intention.

Self-Management and standing in your personal power help you avoid the pitfalls of your mind

Don’t Panic!

There are lots of reasons why fear and panic can wreak havoc on our productivity, not to mention our health. Tune in to this nugget for some compelling reasons to avoid this pitfall of the mind.

The Trust Muscle

The Trust Muscle

One indicator of how much you trust yourself is your decision-making process. If you seem to spend too much energy and time agonizing over whether you’re “doing the right thing”, this pressure-relieving alternative can help you learn to trust yourself, and make decisions in a more practical way.