Keeping Your Dream Fresh

Keeping Your Dream Fresh

Hello and good morning dreamers!!! Here is a little video with some tips on how keep those dreams fresh…

Too Many Passions

Too Many Passions?

The old saying: Jack-of-all-trades, master of none! reveals the bias against those who choose a varied work life rather than committing to a unidirectional path. There was a time, however, when society admired such a person. In fact, some of our greatest contributors have been talented in a variety of areas.

Jump Out of a Plane? Sure, just don't ask me to make a decision!

Jump Out of a Plane? Sure, just don’t ask me to make a decision!

Consider this: to fulfill your potential and enjoy fulfilling work inside of a rich, full life, you must take at least some risks. And while security may appear to be the absence of change, long periods without change and risk are even scarier. I find the Universe has a funny way of delivering a kick […]