Get outta here!

Get Outta Here!

It’s great to be your own boss… in theory. But if you feel chained to your desk, this little reminder may stimulate some ideas for creating a more pleasant work experience for yourself.

Procrastination is driven by fear, not character flaws

Kiss My App

Kiss My App

Have you become frustrated or disenchanted with the ineffectiveness of ready made time-management and productivity systems? If so, here is some empowering advice on how to finally find a system that works for YOU.

Set It and Don't Forget It

Set It and Don’t Forget It

Goals are meant to be achieved. Take note of this indispensable goal-setting tool that will have you confidently rolling toward success at a perfect pace.

Driven by curiosity, gently observing yourself can be one of your greatest learning tools

No one is a mind reader. Clearly communicate your needs.

Answering the Question What Do You Do?

Answering the Question “What Do You Do?”

If you’re an entrepreneur (or even a budding one), when you’re networking and someone asks you what you do, do you stumble over what to say or does it come out sounding boring? Here is the most critical key to answering that question in a way that engages someone in a deeper dialogue.

Be Fair to Yourself and to Your Client

Be Fair to Yourself and to Your Client

What is “fair” when negotiating with a client? Use the information contained in this nugget to examine your definition of fair, and make sure your negotiations are fair to both you and your client.

Step Out of Scarcity

Step Out of Scarcity

When money is tight and times are hard, how do you deal? Here’s one way to step out of the mindset of scarcity and celebrate abundance.