Lighten Up! - Interview Tips Video

Lighten Up!

Who doesn’t like to have fun? You may not think of job interviews as fun, but it could be the missing element in your job search strategy. Tune in to this short interview tips video and learn why having fun can help get you hired!

Why Haven't They Called?

Why Haven’t They Called?

Ugh! The agony of waiting for that call back after an interview! Ever find yourself in this position? Stressing over not getting a call back right away after a fabulous interview for a position you really want is a waste of precious energy. Here’s why…

Show Some Appreciation

Show Some Appreciation

Time is valuable! One way to make a positive impression after a job interview is to acknowledge the time the interviewer has spent with you. Watch this short interview tips video clip and learn how to make this important part of the interview process a quick and simple step that never gets forgotten.