Will it be Over Soon?!

Will It Be Over Soon?!

Interviewing for a job can be stressful, but it shouldn’t be terrifying. Thankfully, there are some ways to make the interview process part of your job search strategy more bearable.

Guess What I Did?

Guess What I Did?

Interviews would be much more enjoyable if not for all the questions! However, there is a simple formula for giving a great answer to almost any interview question.

Go Get Em

Go Get ‘Em!

There are many things to consider while conducting a job search. Make sure this indispensable skill is at the top of your list from the get-go!

Inquiries Required

Inquiries Required

You may be prepared to answer questions in an interview, but are you ready to do some of the asking? Don’t miss out on this bit of notable advice on the importance of asking your own questions.

The Story of You

The Story of You

Does your resume reflect all of the attributes that qualify you for the position you are looking for? Here’s a way of thinking that can help you make sure!

What Is The Most Important Thing To Do After You Send A Cover Letter

What is the Most Important Thing to Do After You Send a Cover Letter?

Are you wondering how to address follow up with a potential employer after you send a cover letter? Here are some tips for what to say in the cover letter and then the single most important thing you need to do after you send it. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing the work you’re […]

There's A Monster Under The Bed

There’s a Monster Under the Bed!

…Or is it a skeleton in the closet? Turn the light on to an unexpected approach on how to deal with uncomfortable topics in an interview, resume, or cover letter. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing the work you’re truly meant to do, I’d like to invite you for a F.R.E.E. Career Strategy Consult […]

Don't Be Embarrassed

Don’t be Embarrassed!

Every experience in your life’s journey has value. If something on your resume seems unappealing at first glance, take a moment to examine this strategy (and an invitation to go even deeper) for turning it to your advantage. Here’s the link to the exercise I mention in the audio to help you find the hidden […]