Career Strategy is Always Important

Career Strategy is Always Important

Is there ever a time in your career when career strategy is no longer a concern? In this clip, I’ll explain why career strategy should always be a consideration.

Making Authentic Connections

Making Authentic Connections

Does the idea of networking make you cringe? Maybe you are going about it the wrong way. In this clip, I’ll explain how you can shift your mindset so selling your product or service doesn’t feel pushy.

Networking Tools and Authentic Connections

Networking Tools and Authentic Connections

The most successful entrepreneurs use their networking tools to make authentic connections. In this clip, I’ll offer some advice on just how to go about doing that.

Your networking plan to find ideal clients

Your Networking Plan

Do you cringe when you hear the word networking? If so, you’ll want to listen to this short clip and learn two ways to practice networking that leave both you and your clients feeling good.

Send Three Ships

Creative Solutions for Networking

Creative solutions for networking is a topic every business owner is interested in. Here I’ll share a tiny practice you can adopt in your business that has the potential to bring great rewards.

Don't Say It

Don’t Say It

If you consider yourself a people person, get informed on the new way to communicate the merits of your interpersonal skills. For starters, here’s what NOT to say.

Answering the Question What Do You Do?

Answering the Question “What Do You Do?”

If you’re an entrepreneur (or even a budding one), when you’re networking and someone asks you what you do, do you stumble over what to say or does it come out sounding boring? Here is the most critical key to answering that question in a way that engages someone in a deeper dialogue.

Shake it the Right Way

Shake It the Right Way

A handshake is a simple way to communicate something about who you are. Keep these handy tips in mind when you are networking, interviewing, or simply meeting a new person.