The Social Media Chemicals

The Social Media Chemicals

Ever fall into a Facebook hole? Get some keen insight into the real reason why social media can be so enticing and addictive.

Motivational Motives

Motivational Motives

How do you gear up for a new project or task that you aren’t particularly looking forward to? Sometimes we learn ways of motivating ourselves when we’re young that aren’t ideal as we get older. In this nugget, I’ll help you determine if your motivational m.o. could use a little tweaking.

PJs all day can cure many things

Life Purpose Driven Activities Give Us Energy

Something To Celebrate

Something To Celebrate

These are strange, uncertain times for sure. I know many of us are feeling unsettled. What I would like to remind you of here are some positive focal points. It is possible to find joy and appreciation, even now!

To-do: Be good to YOU!

To do: Be good to YOU!

Ever experience mental anguish over not getting to important tasks on your to do list? Gain some insight into one golden list item you may be missing.

The S Word - Stop Shoulding on Yourself

The “S” word…

If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, chances are you are perpetuating the feeling with your language. Being aware of this one simple word (and why not to use it) can help get you unstuck and moving in the right direction.

This daily deed will put you on the road to financial freedom

The Daily Deed

Are you ready to zoom down the road of financial freedom? Here is one indispensable tool for keeping you on track and increasing your money magnetism.