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The Career Umbrella

The Career Umbrella

Would you like to explore a new career path or business opportunity but don’t feel comfortable putting all your eggs in one basket? You can! Listen in and learn how the career umbrella can help you start building your dream career right now without giving up other viable sources of income.

There is more than one way to find (or build) your dream job.

And, while you may be mentally ready to quit your current job and jump right in, that doesn’t always mean you have the financial resources to make that happen.

That’s where the career umbrella comes in.

It’s one of the ways I have helped clients create a career they love.

If you have a job (or two) that can pay the bills while you start building your dream job, you have a pretty good situation.

You have an umbrella of income streams.

Building a business, especially if it’s something you haven’t done before, takes time. It has to be done in steps.

As humans, we want things to happen quickly.

And when you are excited about a new career path, you are eager to make it your primary focus.

But keep in mind, you may have unexpected expenses or circumstances that arise. So it’s not a bad thing to have other streams of income when you are starting out.

It gives you the opportunity to start doing something that feels like the work you were really meant to do while still allowing you to make the money you need.

You can build the business without the financial stress.

I tell my clients to be all in with their business. This is a MENTAL thing. You can be all in mentally while you still put energy into other endeavors.

So practice patience with yourself if you want the business or career path that aligns with your life purpose to eventually become your primary source of income. Give yourself permission to do the steps and take the time to build it in a way that makes sense. And be grateful for the other opportunities you have that make that possible.



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