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The CEO in YOU

The CEO in YOU

Do you like the idea of having your own business because you want to be your own boss? Have you already started the process of entrepreneurship? If the answer is yes for either of those questions, you’ll appreciate the perspective about how to get the job done in this clip.

While many who choose the path of a legacy entrepreneur enjoy the variety of tasks and responsibilities, I have found that the one role most of them experience challenges around is the role of CEO, especially when there are difficult decisions to be made, or there is something to be done that you’ve never done before.

If you are running your own business or thinking of starting one, it’s important to learn how to make tough decisions.

You’ll have to get comfortable being the one in charge if you want to succeed, because unless you plan to hire a CEO, you’re it.

That means the buck stops with you.

There’s no one to hand off challenges to when you can’t seem to find a workable solution.

Before you start getting sweaty palms just thinking about the pressure, I want to assure you that being the CEO does not mean you have to have all the answers in your back pocket.

In fact no CEO knows exactly what to do at all times.

They just know how to find answers when they don’t happen to have them.

And in order to stay focused on finding those answers, they have to know to the core of their being that they have to, can and WILL figure it out.

Rest assured, situations will arise that you do not have the solutions for.

What will make your business successful is your commitment to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to find those solutions.

You have to ask questions, do research, seek help, and find resources when necessary to get the job done.

Are you prepared to be the one with whom the buck stops? Are you prepared to be so committed to your business that you will not give up when faced with a problem you’ve never had to deal with before?

If you want your business to succeed, get used to asking yourself the question,

“What would a CEO do right now?”

And learn to take the action inherent in your answer to that question.



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