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The Core Values List of The Entrepreneur

The Core Values List of The Entrepreneur

What items are at the top of your core values list? Knowing the answer to this question could be a big clue as to whether you have what I call the “entrepreneurial bone.”

Why is a Core Values List Important?

Taking the time to make a core values list is a worthwhile endeavor.

It allows you to start building habits and routines that are resonant with your core values.

Anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life should be living in line with their core values.

Core Values and Entrepreneurship

Knowing your core values can also help you determine whether you have what I call the entrepreneurial bone.

It’s a term I came up with to identify clients who may be good candidates for starting their own business, i.e., people who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Are you wondering if you have the entrepreneurial bone?

It consists of more than just wanting to be your own boss. In fact, if that’s the main reason you can identify for wanting to start a business, you may want to dig deeper before taking that step.

What are the most common core values of someone with an entrepreneurial mindset?

Freedom is a big one. So is creativity.

Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

I have identified 5 types of freedom that entrepreneurial minded people crave. They are:

  1. Time freedom
  2. Financial freedom
  3. Creative freedom
  4. Freedom to be who you truly are
  5. Freedom to make your own decisions

If these five forms of freedom feel like food and water to you, then they are in your top core values and there’s a good chance you possess the entrepreneurial bone.



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