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The New Year Edge

The New Year Edge

It’s a new year! If you feel you’re off to a slower start than you had hoped for, take some encouragement here and learn why that may be the case.


The New Year hangover… it’s a hangover that involves more than just booze!

It’s actually possible to have a hangover on January first even if you didn’t imbibe the night before. Let me explain…

The calendar days continue to come and go, regardless of our moods and states of mind.

Oftentimes, after the holiday season, we expect ourselves to be ready to dive into the new year on day one (or two) with renewed enthusiasm and gusto… ready to tackle new projects and create our 🎉 Best Year Yet 🎉.

As the case may be, most of us have spent the past month or more dealing with holiday hubbub. That includes disrupted schedules, parties, extra naughty diets, time with family, more couch time, movies, and letting it all hang out.

It’s unreasonable to expect to jump right into the work routine immediately after the party season subsides.

(More accurately, the party season comes to a screeching halt).

If you are familiar with my perspective on productivity, you know that I believe each of us has our own unique way of getting things done.

If you are legacy entrepreneur material, you are likely not one of those people who fits neatly in the nine to five, five days a week work model.

This means the New Year wobble effect may be even more noticeable for you. Humans, and especially creative ones, aren’t built to operate  according to the dictates of conventionality!

So, if you find yourself having some difficulty hitting the ground running right out of the gate of the past year, don’t be too hard on yourself.

With my years of coaching experience, I can assure you, you are not the only one.

Most people need a few days to recover from the holiday season before they can step fully into the New Year, gusto intact.

Self-improvement is not synonymous with perfection.

Give yourself some time to adjust. Be gentle on yourself. And get ready for your best year yet… starting sometime in January.